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Ergonomic Stereo Microscope

Product categories: Controls and checks 

Ergonomic Stereo Microscope

Since the invention of the microscope in the 1590’s, there have been significant technological developments in the design of the optical microscope. However, one thing has remained constant in all this time: Uncomfortable microscope eyepieces. Until now!

A revolutionary new stereo microscope
The Ergo80 stereo microscope employs a revolutionary patented eyepiece design which does not require the user to precisely align their eyes with the eyepieces. In fact, the user can sit back from the microscope (up to 38mm) and still view the image, meaning that uncomfortable and difficult-to-use eyepieces are a thing of the past.


- 8x - 64x standard magnification range (128x max)

- High optical quality CMO stereo microscope

- Patented ergonomic eyepieces reduce fatigue

- Ergonomic working position, with freedom of head movement

- Long-life true colour LED illumination

- Modular system with optional extras for tailored configurations

Increase your productivity
Improving operator ergonomics is not just about improving comfort. Businesses choose Vision Engineering’s ergonomic microscopes because they know their operators are more efficient, more accurate and more productive. So the operator benefits and so does the business.