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Laser measuring heads for diameter and width measurement

Product categories: Controls and checks 

Laser measuring heads for diameter and width measurement

ODAC® 2J/16J:
Low-Cost, Super Compact VLD Laser Measuring Heads for Diameter and Width Measurement

ODAC® 2J / 16J are able to measure all materials and products, whether opaque or transparent. It is the best low-cost and technical solution for measuring on-line and off-line processes such as drawing, extruding, grinding, polishing, measuring samples (quality control) and many more.

The casting design and insensitivity to industrial pollution guarantee that ODAC® 2J / 16J operate trouble free even under the most hostile industrial conditions, which brings it ahead of its competitors. It is permanently calibrated for highest accuracy and stability.

Main Advantages
- Astonishingly low-priced, achieved through High Volume Production
-  Very high tolerance to hostile conditions
- All products and materials
- For fine wire and fibres from 0.012mm (.005 in.) up
- Extremely long-lived
- Can be installed anywhere, in any position

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