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Products and services

Rigid Stranders

Rigid StrandersRigid Stranders easy to operate and reliable. The standard production is focused on bobbins Ø 630 and 800 mm (31,5'') with automatic bobbins loading devices.

Tubular stranders

Tubular strandersFor the production of aluminium and aluminium alloys cables, copper cables, steel ropes, high carbon steel cables for low relaxation lines, AAAC, ACSR, cables type OPGW...

Bow stranders and cablers

Bow stranders and cablersBow stranders for the production of aluminium and aluminium alloys conductors, copper and insulated conductors, steel ropes and high carbon steel for low relaxation lines.

Double twist buncher

Double twist buncherDouble twist bunchers for the stranding of bare annealed copper wires or aluminium wires, or of flexible copper bunches, for the compacting of copper, aluminium or aluminium alloy wires either by die or roller, and for the laying up of insulated conductors.

Drum twister

Drum twisterDrum twisters for the production of high voltage cables, insulated conductors, round, straight, sectorial or prespiralized copper and aluminium conductors, for screening and armouring lines, and for the laying-up of low and medium voltage cables.

Planetary stranders

Planetary strandersPlanetary strander with or without backtwist for the production of armour cable, steel ropes, OGCW and AAAC cables, offshore, umbilical and subsea cables, power cables. Special cranes for heavy weight are available.

Take-ups and Pay-offs

Take-ups and Pay-offsTake-ups and Pay-offs: cantilever, gantry stands, self traversing portal, columns, automatic dual take-ups...

Pulling capstans and caterpillars

Pulling capstans and caterpillarsSingle and double pulleys. Caterpillars that can work up to 4 belts for pulling forces up to 7500 kg.

Taping and Binding Heads

Taping and Binding HeadsTangential, concentric, and longitudinal taping heads - and eccentric double taping heads for steel tapes