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Products and services

Braiding, knitting & weaving wire

Braiding, knitting & weaving wireWire suitable for Braiding, Knitting & Weaving applications mainly used in mesh manufacturing, automotive, printing and filter Industries.

Cold heading quality wire

Cold heading quality wireWire suitable for Fastener and Cold Heading applications such as bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, nails, etc. Nevatia Steel’s Wire for CHQ is made by choosing selected quality wire rods and special heat treatment process. This enables the production of...

Electropolish quality wire

Electropolish quality wireNevatia Steel EPQ wire has brilliant mirror bright surface that result in a very lustrous appearance when electro-polished. Wires are provided with 1⁄4 hard temper, cold drawn finish...

Free cutting quality wire

Free cutting quality wireWires with improved machinability, smooth surface and strict adherence to chemical composition, used for manufacture of shafts, spindles, pinions, screws, bolts etc.

General purpose wire

General purpose wireNevatia Steel wire for general purpose usage has all types of grades for different applications. Wires are used for the manufacture of staples, pins, balls, chains, wire ropes, conveyer belts, wall ties...

Redraw quality wire

Redraw quality wireNevatia Steel wires are also used for further redrawing into finer wires. Characteristics of Redraw Wire Clean, matte surface Soft wire suitable for drawing into...

Spring quality wire

Spring quality wireNevatia Steel Spring Wire is manufactured with excellent mechanical properties for uniformity in spring forming...

Nevinox MIG Wire in Pail Pack Drum

Nevinox MIG Wire in Pail Pack DrumNevatia Steel manufactures welding consumables like MIG filler wire, TIG filler wire, Submerged Arc Wire and Core wire for welding electrodes as per AWS and EN standards...

Stainless steel bright bars

Stainless steel bright barsSize Range From 2.00 mm to 6.35 mm (0.078” to 0.250”) diameter. Tolerance Tolerance on dia. as per DIN 671, ASTM A484 or as per customer’s specific requirement. Length Any length from 1 to 6 Metres (3 to 18 feet) with close tolerance on length.

Nevinox MIG wire for GMAW process

Nevinox MIG wire for GMAW processNevatia Steel manufactures Nevinox brand welding consumables like MIG Filler Wire, TIG Filler Wire and Core wire for welding electrodes as per AWS, DIN, BS and EN standards