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Products and services

Hard metal drawing inserts

Hard metal drawing insertsParamount Die manufactures exchangeable tungsten carbide wire drawing dies which can be placed into a reusable die holder. By eliminating a permanent steel casing, drawing inserts dramatically lower material and shipping costs and make the use of highly efficient pressure die systems feasible. Wire drawing dies also reduce inventory storage requirements and make the recycling of worn carbide more practical.

Pressure wire drawing inserts

Pressure wire drawing insertsPressure dies utilize lubricant pressure to increase lubricant residuals on drawn wire. As wire enters the pressure die, lubricants are carried into a small pressure chamber where they are trapped. Extremely high pressures are created by both the continuous entry of lubricant as well as by thermal expansion. By improving lubrication, pressure dies improve wire drawing productivity by extending die life and enabling faster drawing speeds

Drawing insert holder - ParaCase

Drawing insert holder -  ParaCaseParamount Die's ParaCase Holders are the basic casings in standard dimensions with no locking cap. Inserts are simply tapped in and out of the casing. The precise taper tolerances on the insert and casing provide adequate holding power for most applications.

Non-pressure drawing insert holders - ParaLoc™

Non-pressure drawing insert holders - ParaLoc™Paramount Die Company's ParaLoc Non-Pressure Holders come in standard die casing dimensions and include a locking cap to provide security against the insert backing out of the casing. As the precise taper tolerance on the insert generally provides adequate holding power, this option is only required in situations where excessive back tension may pull the insert out of the casing

Pressure drawing insert holders - ParaLoc™

Pressure drawing insert holders - ParaLoc™Paramount Die's ParaLoc Pressure Holders are designed to increase draw insert lubrication by enabling the drawing lubricant to pressurize during the drawing process. Pressure holders are recommended predominately for use with dry lubricants however can be utilized with grease and emulsions by adjusting the pressure insert clearance

PCD Wire Drawing Dies

PCD Wire Drawing DiesParamount Die manufactures polycrystalline diamond (PCD) wire drawing dies that can be used for a wide range of drawing applications. PCD dies offer a high resistance to wear and an excellent wire surface finish. The dies can be used in ferrous and non-ferrous wire drawing applications.

Shaped wire drawing dies

Shaped wire drawing diesParamount Die manufactures shaped wire drawing dies in both cased or insert option for drawing and extrusion machines.

PdDraft - Paramount Die Wire Drawing Drafting Program

PdDraft - Paramount Die Wire Drawing Drafting ProgramPdDraft is a software program that calculates die set-ups for single or multiple hole wire drawing machines. The program generates optimized drafting practices based on preselected standards and user defined criteria.

Manual die insertion and extraction unit

Manual die insertion and extraction unitSpecifications: - Heavy duty cast iron head and base press frame. - Durable hardened steel internal mechanisms and hardened stainless steel ram adapter. - Hardened steel and precision ground press pins are available separately to match your insert sizes. - Press base is pre-drilled to allow for easy and secure mounting.

Gauges for die holder bores

Gauges for die holder boresThe tapered bore of a holder can be checked with an insert gauge to determine angle wear due to use. This device should be placed into the bore to see if rocking occurs. If so, this could lead to insert breakage and the holder should be replaced.