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Products and services

Combined Drawing Machines

Combined Drawing MachinesSAS' combined drawing machines are built with first quality equipment. Pay-off Robot Pre-straightener Drawing unit Shape-straightener Cutting Shear Two-roll straightener Chamfering machine Strapping, weighing and storage

Peeling Lines

Peeling LinesSAS' peeling lines feature prime quality equipment. Payoff Robot Pre-straightener Peeling unit Cutter head tools Two roll straightening m/c Chamfering m/c Control devices Strapping unit

Chain drawbench

Chain drawbenchThe SAS Chain Pulling Units have different pulling forces, from 10 to 120 ton: The structure integrates the filiera holder head with the lubrication systems. In the heads you can assemble both die holder for “standard” dies and “dismountable” die holder.

Pay offs

Pay offsDesigned to minimize the gap between the end of the drawing of a coil and the beginning of the drawing of the next one. They are equipped of a platform that can rotate of 360°, operated by an hydraulic gear motor. Two fuses, tilting by means of an hydraulic cylinder, positioned on the rotating platform, can be supplied in different solutions: ...

Automatic system for feeding wire in the pre-straightener

Automatic system for feeding wire in the pre-straightenerThe robot has a manipulator which is a kind of extension of the operator's hand, who, could not otherwise handle material's tip when materials have rather thick sections.

Pre-straightening device

Pre-straightening deviceThese machines take the material from the pay-off to the die through mecanical descaling units (or others). They are composed by two groups. The first with vertical axis and reversed rolls, to allow the fall of the scales present on the raw material. The second with horizontal axis. The power is given by an electric gear motor, connected through a clutch. The clutch is able to idle the rolls when the material has been engaged on the carriage.

Double cam drawbenches

Double cam drawbenchesThe experience gained over many years in the field allowed SAS to place itself on the market with a system which incorporates all the new technics, available nowadays, with the utmost reliability.

Bar straightening machine

Bar straightening machineThe bar straightening process is obtained by the passage of the bar through a pre-setted roller set. The two straighening heads, vertical and horizontal axis, allow to process the two bar axis.

Hydraulic flying shear

Hydraulic flying shearThe market is evolving and it is always in search for production lines with higher and higher speed. SAS answer these requests offering lines with an increased speed, an increase in the speed of the drawing lines, of the cutting quality obtained and of the tolerance of the length.

Double roll straightening device for round bars

Double roll straightening device for round barsThe SAS two-roll straightening device have a very strong frame, they are designed to straighten ferrous and non-ferrous materials round bars. Thanks to the simplicity of the execution, they are a precious support both in-line in connection with drawing bench or peeling machine and out-line.