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Products and services

Drawn wire for general uses

Drawn wire for general uses- Low carbon drawn steel wire - Bright drawn wire for bending, forming, welding, galvanizing and chromium plating - Drawn wire for electrodes manufacturing - Drawn wire for steel wool

Black annealed drawn wire

Black annealed drawn wire- Black annealed drawn wire, rosette-shaped. - Black annealed commercial drawn wire

Bright white annealed drawn wire

Bright white annealed drawn wireUse and handling: mechanical engineering, redrawing, and re-rolling, copper plating, any use for packing.

Heat treatment for drawn wire

Heat treatment for drawn wireHeat treatment can change the structural and strength characteristics of metals and metal alloys, to make them more suitable for the intermediate or final use. The definition of "heat treatment" refers to the operations of heating, with a temperature always below the melting point or at melting range, followed by a controlled cooling, which tend to produce a structural change.