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Products and services

Dies and pressure dies

Dies and pressure diesThe die type “19.38” is a special die, that is produced in small quantities, to be used only on final and small diameters on dry drawing machines with pressure die. Type of material, geometries and other elements ensure a longer die life.

Round dies

Round diesDie "NOR" type - Die "L" type - Die "E" type - Die "SPE" type

Shaped dies

Shaped diesShaped dies: they are supplied as per drawing.

Hard metal bushes

Hard metal bushesExtrusion die - Wire straightening bushes in hard metal "BETON" type - Wire guide bushes in hard metal with double inlet.

Hard metal sliding blocks

Hard metal sliding blocksSliding block in full tungsten carbide

Mechanical wire degreaser

Mechanical wire degreaserA small device of mm 400 x Ø120mm dimensions, in which there are 10/20 wiping pads, adjustable by springscrews, according to diameter of the wire to be polished. It's stationary not motorized and must be positioned after last die. As it's modular, it's possible to obtain a further better polishing of the wire, the pairing of two devices.

Subsidiary products for dies reconditioning

Subsidiary products for dies reconditioning- Blank and Polished Nibs - Boron carbide: 100 - 150 - 220 - 280 - 320 - 400 grain. - Diamond powder: my 1/2-3 - 6/12 - 8/25 - 20/40 - 30/60. Jar: 10 Krt. - Diamond files: round, conical...