Pneumatics and oleodynamics for designing and building mechanical machines, plants and production lines in the steel and metal working industries.

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Oilcilindro s.r.l.

Via Don Bergomi 40/42 
25030 Castelmella
Brescia Italy

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Oleodinamica sebina s.r.l.

Via nazionale 245 
24062 Costa Volpino
Bergamo Italy

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Via Cave, 7/9 
25050 Provaglio d'Iseo
Brescia Italy

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OMLAC s.n.c.

Via Treves 25 
41043 Formigine
Modena Italy

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PARKER Hannifin S.p.a

Via Privata Archimede 1 
20094 Corsico
Milano Italy

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Pneumax S.p.A.

Via Cascina Barbellina, 10 
24050 Lurano
Bergamo Italy

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Rama Fluid

Via G.Marconi 15 
23848 Oggiono
Lecco Italy

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via Torino 12 
Torino Italy

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Via Oliviero Simoni, 3 
Bologna Italy

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TSA Srl - Tecnologie e soluzioni per l'automazione

Via Resegone, 3 
Lecco Italy

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VINCIT di Leidi Carlo & C s.n.c.

Via Trebbia 4 
23868 Valmadrera
Lecco Italy

The company produces and markets compressed air systems


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