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MICROMOLLE di D’Agostino ing. Vladimiro & C. snc

Via Giuseppe Ricci 6
10153 TORINO
Torino Italy

Our company produces the following small parts: brazing rings; cylindrical, conical or variously shaped springs, with constant or variable pitch, with...

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Mollificio Lecchese srl

Via La Santa Vecchia, 96 
23868 Valmadrera
Lecco Italy

MOLLIFICIO LECCHESE: our product capability covers parts with a wire diameter ranging from 0.20 up to 9.00 mm and strip thickness from 0.10 to 2.50 mm. In 1997...

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Torino Spring Srl

Via Carlo Pisacane  19
10042 Nichelino
Torino Italy

MCS II Mollificio nowadays is a producer of springs for every application, from compression springs (conical, biconical, rectangular from round or squared...

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Leccovende Srl

Via Privata Valsecchi 8
23862 Civate
Lecco Italy

LECCOVENDE SRL is the result of a long entrepreneurial process started in 1929 by a German businessman who decided to start a needle factory in Lecco,...

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Via Rio Torto 23
23868 Valmadrera
Lecco Italy

A.C.R.A. srl boasts a thirty-year experience in the processing of wire and metal tape. the company is able to produce special design articles for any sector of...

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Defremm S.p.A.

Via Goito 6
23900 Lecco
Lecco Italy

DEFREMM has a wide range of machine tools required for the production of the equipment components and the maintenance of the production machines. In this way...

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Via Pergola, 75 
23900 LECCO
Lecco Italy

Since 1925 the company Piloni srl has specialized in the production of rivets, screws and special parts on drawing by wire cold forming : full, semitubular and...

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24 Kamen Andreev str. 
1303 Sofia

The company, founded in Sofia in Bulgaria in 1988, is specialized in the manufacture of various types of springs, compression springs, tension springs, torsion...

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Via Palude 8
23801 Calolziocorte
Lecco Italy

Officina Bonacina srl is a company founded in 1958 by Alessandro Bonacina with activities of Mechanical Workshop for the production and design Machine Tool and...

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PSM CELADA Fasteners

Via Porpora 24
20131 Milano
MI Italia

PSM CELADA Fasteners is the Italian leader in the sale of a wide range of fasteners through own direct technical sales staff and through sole agents, providing...

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Via San Carlo 1
40023 Castel Guelfo di Bologna
Città Metropolitana di Bologna Italy

Berardi Bullonerie is one of the first companies present in this sector that has obtained in 1995 the Certification ISO9002 and in May 2002 adjusted its own...

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Precision Technology Supplies Ltd

The Birches Industrial Estate 
RH19 1XZ East Grinstead
 United Kingdom

PTS Precision Technology Supplies is one of Europe's leading suppliers of Stainless Steel Industrial Fasteners and Precision Turned Parts. The company offers...

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Mollificio PFM Srl

Via Sangallo 3
37053 Cerea
Province of Verona Italy

Born in 2001, Mollificio PFM produces pressure, traction, torsion springs with carbon, stainless or pretempered steel, copper, brass, bronze and nickel. The...

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Corbetta Ermanno Srl

Via Enrico Fermi 11
20842 Besana In Brianza
Monza and Brianza Italy

Corbetta Ermanno Srl has been manufacturing for over 40 years high quality hardware like screws, full rivets, half bored rivets and pins according to their...

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Prima Zanetti Srl

Viale della Regione Veneto 11
35127 Padua
Padua Italy

Since 1961,we have been producing high precision special cold-formed small metal parts, obtained by the cold forming process of wire and strip, following...

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Via Giovanni XXIII 2
40057 Quarto Inferiore
Bologna Italy

FAR srl, an Italian leading manufacturer of fastening systems certified in compliance with ISO 9001 2008, for over 50 years produces high-technology products:...

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SIKA Profili

Via della Pace 9
31030 Casier
Treviso Italy

The success of Sika products comes from a policy of constant technical improvements dictating quality care to the whole production process: starting from the...

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Via Don Luigi Sturzo 30
20832 Desio
Monza and Brianza Italy

Feston snc has been playing a prominent role on the national and foreign market for over thirty-five years, as manufacturer of cold formed small metal parts.

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Gel Giussani

Via Giuseppe Verdi  47
20837 Veduggio Con Colzano
Monza e Brianza Italy

GEL was founded in 1968 by the brothers Enrico and Luigi Giussani. Since then, the company has been manufacturing a wide and diverse range of steel wire...

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Via Monfalcone 144
10136 Torino
Torino Italy

At Specialinsert - proudly a successful presence in the world of fasteners for 40 years - we know how to keep in step with - and sometimes even ahead of -...

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Faster Srl

Via Cavour 4
26858 Sordio
Lodi Italy

Faster was born about 25 years ago as a supplier of blind rivets, threaded inserts, nuts, screws, washers etc., But recently it has showed a significant growth...

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Trafileria Punteria Ghezzi

Via 4 Ville 62
38019 Ville D'Anaunia, fraz. Tuenno
Trento Italy

Since 1963 Trafileria Punteria Ghezzi offers its customers the best available fastening systems. The company has achieved, over the years, the leadership in...

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Inoxalca Srl

Via Fabio Filzi 4
20026 Novate Milanese
Città Metropolitana di Milano Italy

Born in the 70s, Inoxalca Srl specializes in the hardware sector and commercial hardware. Over the years the company has consolidated and established itself on...

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Co.El. Srl Componenti Elastici

Via Sonna 3
23806 Torre de' Busi
Provincia di Lecco Italy

Co.El. has been successfully operating on the market of springs since 1961. Thanks to its organization and structure, Co.El. guarantees:- the manufacturing of...

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Mollificio Modenese Srl

Via John Fitzgerald Kennedy 3
41122 Modena
Provincia di Modena Italy

Mollificio Modenese is able to make a wide range of springs, hooks, small metal parts and shaped parts. We work to your sample or design, making both...

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Lederer GmbH

Katzbachstraße 4
58256 Ennepetal

The name "Lederer" now stands for almost 50 years of experience with fasteners made of stainless steel, such as screws, nuts, bolts, normed and standardized...

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Minsavit Srl

Via Enrico Fermi 3
20842 Besana In Brianza
Provincia di Monza e della Brianza Italy

Thanks to a consolidated 30-year-experience Minsavit srl can realize small metal pieces and special screws produced as a sample or on design in various classes...

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Beneri S.p.A.

Via XXV Aprile 56
23868 Valmadrera
Provincia di Lecco Italy

A family run company established in 1958, with 60 years of experience in the sector. According to DIN, Beneri SPA is now considered a world leader in the...

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ISB Mollificio

Via G. Masina 3
40013 Castel Maggiore
Bologna Italy

ISB Srl, established in Bologna (Italy) in 1954 by Engineer Francesco Silvestri, is specialized in the design and production of wire, strip and metal sheet...

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Colombo Giovanni & Figli Srl

Via dei Mulini 22
23821 Abbadia Lariana
Provincia di Lecco Italy

Established in the early years after World War II, the Italian company Colombo Giovanni & Figli Srl started as an individual holding for the manufacture of...

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