Finished products: the best international manufacturers of products made of wire and strip. From fasteners to springs, from metal nets to wire and strip forms, chains, nails, cables, in steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium and other metals.

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Precision Technology Supplies LtdEast Grinstead ()

PTS Precision Technology Supplies is one of Europe's leading suppliers of Stainless Steel Industrial Fasteners and Precision Turned Parts. The company offers the widest range of high quality Metric and American Threaded Fasteners from stock.

Precision Technology Supplies Ltd
Viteria Fusani SrlValle Lomellina (Pavia)

Since 1955 we have been producing quality screws; Standard screws and custom made screws (on customer’s drawing). Our range includes: Metric threads : ISO, ASA(UNC) - ASA (UNF), WITHWORTH.Self-tapping screws for: WOOD , WOOD CONGLOMERATES, PLASTIC , SELF-FORMING PIECES DIN7500. Screws with pre-assembled washers.Materials: steel for screws class 4.8 - 5.8 - 8.8 -10.9 .Hardening treatments and galvanic coating...

Viteria Fusani Srl

Since 1925 the company Piloni srl has specialized in the production of rivets, screws and special parts on drawing by wire cold forming : full, semitubular and bifurcated rivets, pins with one or more diameters and knurled, threaded, with undercut ones. This items are supplied on demand with a sample or a drawing, in different material.

Mollificio Modenese SrlModena (Provincia di Modena)

Mollificio Modenese is able to make a wide range of springs, hooks, small metal parts and shaped parts. We work to your sample or design, making both pre-series production (from a few dozen to a few hundred pieces) to medium and large series production.

Mollificio Modenese Srl
VITI Srl - Fabbrica vitiLecco (Lecco)

VITI srl has been established since 1975 and serve the market both nationally and internationally. The company operates to the highest standards and can offer a wealth of experience. Using these abilities, we work with our customers, in co-operative technical partnerships to develop and supply special fasteners for special fastening problems.Tapping screwsMetric screwsForming screwsCutting screwsTapping rivetsOthet...

VITI Srl - Fabbrica viti
Defremm S.p.A.Lecco (Lecco)

DEFREMM has a wide range of machine tools required for the production of the equipment components and the maintenance of the production machines. In this way our company can act in compliance with planned times and ensure high reaction capacity in every situation.The washing and heat treatments floor enabling to act independently.If required by specifications, the final processing (zinc plating, heat treatments of...

Defremm S.p.A.
PSM Celada Fasteners SrlMilano (Milano)

PSM CELADA Fasteners is the Italian leader in the sale of a wide range of fasteners through own direct technical sales staff and through sole agents, providing innovative fastening and assembly solutions. The company has more than 50 years of experience and has achieved a reputation of absolute excellence. Among the customers, the greatest blue chips companies in the most diversified fields.

PSM Celada Fasteners Srl
BAMA VITITurbigo (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

BAMA VITI produces turned parts, both unified and upon drawing, from Ø 1 to Ø 63. We can work with different types of materials, along with connected heat and/or surface treatments (on demand) and we can manage orders consisting of small lots, bulks or scheduled batches.

REMER srlSan Benedetto del Tronto (Ascoli Piceno)

Production and sale of steel wire ropes, is the family business for Remer Srl since the beginning of 20th century. Today Remer Group is a solid and dynamic company in the national and international market, with modern production plants, warehouses in Italy and abroad and an active commercial network.

CORBETTA & C. SNC DI CORBETTA E.Besana In Brianza (Monza and Brianza)

CORBETTA & C SNC has been manufacturing for over 40 years high quality hardware like screws, full rivets, half bored rivets and pins according to their customers’ drawings or requests.Our items are produced by cold forming them from metal wire.

Bhansali Bright Bars PVT. Ltd.Grant Road, Mumbai  ()

Bhansali specializes in Stainless Steel Bright Bars, Hexagons and Squares. Besides, Bhansali has a strong foothold in Stainless Steel Wires, Wire Rods, Threaded Rods and Flanges business. These products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art modern plant in Navi Mumbai, India. Bhansali is enjoying "preferred supplier" status from buyers all around the globe for these products.  

Bhansali Bright Bars PVT. Ltd.
Prima Zanetti SrlPadua (Padua)

Since 1961,we have been producing high precision special cold-formed small metal parts, obtained by the cold forming process of wire and strip, following customers’ drawings. Product diversification and extreme machinery flexibility allow us to operate in a varied range of fields including the automotive, household appliance, electromechanical, electronic, automation and building industry.

Prima Zanetti Srl
FESTON sncDesio (Monza and Brianza)

Feston snc has been playing a prominent role on the national and foreign market for over thirty-five years, as manufacturer of cold formed small metal parts.

MICROMOLLE di D’Agostino ing. Vladimiro & C. sncTORINO (Torino)

Raw materialWe elaborate Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, bronze, brass, copper and aluminium.QuantitiesThe flexibility of our structure allows us to execute both small and big batches of production. Moreover, we produce small batches for prototypes and we follow up the project, taking into account the needs of each client.

MICROMOLLE di D’Agostino ing. Vladimiro & C. snc
Frigerio & Duroni SncMeda (Provincia di Monza e della Brianza)

Frigerio & Duroni is a company that has been manufacturing low and medium carbon steel fine wires since 1950.

Frigerio & Duroni Snc
SpecialinsertTorino (Torino)

At Specialinsert - proudly a successful presence in the world of fasteners for 40 years - we know how to keep in step with - and sometimes even ahead of - times.

RCZ BulloneriaVilla Cortese (Milano)

Company with certified Quality system for the "Manufacture and sales of high and very high resistance electro-forged fasteners”: IQNET - IGQ Our machinery pool, in constant evolution to expand our product range, lets us produce 10 to 56 mm diameter bolts up to 800 mm long. Additionally, we can produce bolts according to drawings.Mainly quality material are: 8.8 – 10.9 – 11.9 - 12.9 – 14.9 we are able to offer also...

RCZ Bulloneria
Mollificio PFM SrlCerea (Province of Verona)

Born in 2001, Mollificio PFM produces pressure, traction, torsion springs with carbon, stainless or pretempered steel, copper, brass, bronze and nickel. The company is capable of producing millions of pieces per order, and it features many special treatments for wire.

Mollificio PFM Srl
Proinvest Group SRLPașcani (Pașcani)

Proinvest Group is a multiproduct company with multiple manufacturing facilities specialized in steel processing, from simple components for construction up to tooling and precision mechanical components.

Proinvest Group SRL
ACRA SrlValmadrera (Lecco)

A.C.R.A. has thirty years experience in working with wire and metal band. Over the years it has developed and updated its machinery and mechanical control in order to obtain the widest variety of products. Inside the firm, there is a specialized unit capable of making molds and specific equipment. ACRA is able to produce special articles for any area of application: automotive, appliances, furniture, etc. ACRA...

Trafileria Punteria GhezziVille D'Anaunia, fraz. Tuenno (Trento)

Since 1963 Trafileria Punteria Ghezzi offers its customers the best available fastening systems. The company has achieved, over the years, the leadership in the Italian market for nails, staples and solutions for the wood packaging industry.

Trafileria Punteria Ghezzi
Panozzo SrlMerate (Provincia di Lecco)

Panozzo Srl, a company of Merate (LC), produces and distributes plastic articles, vital part of the protection and processing of products, and used in various industrial sectors.

Panozzo Srl
TECALCOSan Ferdinando  (Reggio Calabria)

TEC.AL.CO. (Aluminium Conductor Technology) is an industrial company at high technological content which produces aluminium stranded conductors and wires for electrical conductivity. Located in the industrial area of the Gioia Tauro Port, the company is the result of a highly innovative plan in the field of Aluminium Technology.

Faster SrlSordio (Lodi)

Faster was born about 25 years ago as a supplier of blind rivets, threaded inserts, nuts, screws, washers etc., But recently it has showed a significant growth due to the acquisition of new partners that have allowed FASTER to add a new range of engineering products such as cage nuts both in spring steel and stainless steel, profile cage nuts, cage nuts for mass continuity, cage screws, deep threaded u-nuts,...

Faster Srl
GABASWIRE - Gabas National Metal Wire Rope Manufacturing Co. LtdDammam ()

Gabaswire is a manufacturing company specialized in steel wire ropes.  It is the first and only local steel wire ropes manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. Gabaswire offers its clients and distributers unique quality products, manufactured locally according to International Norms and are accompanied with certificate of conformity. Gabaswire is API and ISO certified and ARAMCO approved.

GABASWIRE - Gabas National Metal Wire Rope Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Rivit SrlOzzano Dell'emilia (Province of Bologna)

Rivit Srl, housed in Bologna, is an Italian leading Company for the production and distribution of fixing systems (rivets, rivet nuts, self-clinching, threaded studs, blind bolts, cage nuts, screws, latches), the relevant tools for their application (tools for rivets and inserts, welders) machines for sheet metal working, fixing systems for metal roofing and aluminium frames.

Rivit Srl
Colico FulvioLecco (Lecco)

At Colico Fulvio we have been manufacturing small metal components since 1982. Qur specialised workshop can shear, bend and shape metal wires and ribbon, including stainless steel, and can accommodate wire diameters from 0,50mm to 10,00mm and ribbon widths from 0,20mm to 4,00.The CNC machines can also manufacture springs, including those with complex profiles.We can make components from your design drawings or...

Colico Fulvio

Feder Universal & Co. Ltd was founded in 1988 with main activity: production of springs.For various industries it produces: compression, extension, torsion, strips springs and wire forms.Feder Universal fulfills orders for millions of sets of springs as well as single pieces made by drawing or sample.The customers are more than 1200 Bulgarian and foreign companies.

Viteria Dell'Era di Ermanno & Figlio SrlValmadrera (Lecco)

Dell’Era Ermanno’s society was born in 1924. The main purpose was the production of mechanical parts. In 1962, the young son Renato Dell’Era began his career in his father’s society and the factory was transferred and located in Valmadrera the industrial suburbs of Lecco. During the eighties, the production has become more and more specified, turning into the only manufacturing of screws, and it has increased of...

Viteria Dell'Era di Ermanno & Figlio Srl

A big variety of products with high quality for each use. The best tools permit us to work wire from 0.7 up to 5 mm, and to produce particular points for each customers.  Their length can be from 5 up to 170 mm. We are able to produce with iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper.

MINONZIO SrlOlginate (Lecco)

The Management of Minonzio Srl has always set ourselves the objective of supplying products that meet our customers' needs. Today, we recognize that successful companies must continuously improve their management and production systems. To achieve these objectives in a systematic and documented manner, the Management has decided to establish and maintain a system specifically developed for that purpose.Today, our...

FAR SrlQuarto Inferiore (Bologna)

FAR srl, an Italian leading manufacturer of fastening systems certified in compliance with ISO 9001 2008, for over 50 years produces high-technology products: wide range of blind rivets (various materials even according to Customer’s drawing), hexagonal and cylindrical threaded inserts and, as flagship, manual, hydropneumatic, electrical and automatic riveting tools.Our production is entirely manufactured and...

BERARDI BULLONERIE srlCastel Guelfo di Bologna (Città Metropolitana di Bologna)

Berardi Bullonerie is one of the first companies present in this sector that has obtained in 1995 the Certification ISO9002 and in May 2002 adjusted its own Quality System according to the normative UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (VISION). Thanks to the wide range of products, to the punctuality and timeliness in responding to the customers’ requests, Berardi Bullonerie distributes its products to several typology of...

Selva Antonio & C. snc - Selva FittingsPrimaluna (Lecco)

During the second half of the 1990s, significant changes came with the move to CNC machines. Today, the company – while maintaining a number of mechanical machines – operates as a leading continuous-cycle contract manufacturer 24/7 with CNC machines, and handles around 50,000 units a day. Selva Antonio & C. snc, ever sensitive to market requirements, has diversified and broadened its product...

Selva Antonio & C. snc - Selva Fittings
Kilton Srl Fizzonasco (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

Born between 1970 and 1980, Kilton was immediately brought to the attention of the customers as a leader in the manufacturing of special fasteners and is now one of the most important companies in the field of fasteners and fastening systems for industrial applications aimed at the automotive, appliance, mechanical, components and construction sectores.

Kilton Srl
Leccovende SrlCivate (Lecco)

LECCOVENDE SRL is the result of a long entrepreneurial process started in 1929 by a German businessman who decided to start a needle factory in Lecco, Italy. The first name of the factory was Primo Aghificio Italiano and it used to produce steel nails and steel needles. In 1938 the factory changed ownership and became Italian; from that moment on, the company, which is now a benchmark for small products, has...

Leccovende Srl
SteelgroupCalolziocorte (Lecco)

“Steelgroup represents the union of four Italian companies MAB – CB – FAR - ITA, specialized in the production of WIRES - STRANDS - STEEL BARS and its derivatives, companies that share a common vision of quality for the best customer satisfaction.”

SP di Piovan Silvano Sas & C.Pernumia (Padova)

Silvano Piovan is a specialized supplier in cold forging tools for screw, bolts, nuts and rivets; nut taps and cold forging machineries. The company serve customers following its creeds: quality, lead time and competitive prices.

SP di Piovan Silvano Sas & C.
Springs Group SrlSan Giovanni in Persiceto (Città Metropolitana di Bologna)

Springs Group is a young company that combines the experience of a group of companies that have specialized in producing springs for industrial applications.Springs Group can offer a wide range of production which includes:- Compression springs in round wire up to a diameter 65.00 mm.- Extension springs with loop type German, English, closed, semi-closed...

Springs Group Srl
MCS II Mollificio SrlNICHELINO (Torino)

MCS II Mollificio nowadays is a producer of springs for every application, from compression springs (conical, biconical, rectangular from round or squared wire), to single and double torsion springs (simple and with special eyelets for particular uses), made from metal wire and strip.

MCS II Mollificio Srl
SIKA ProfiliCasier (Treviso)

The success of Sika products comes from a policy of constant technical improvements dictating quality care to the whole production process: starting from the designing which is developed in close cooperation with the Customer up to the production, package and stock. We focus on developing long term relationships with our customers. As a matter of fact, since manufacturing special profiles for the first time in the...

SIKA Profili
Inoxalca Srl Novate Milanese (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

Born in the 70s, Inoxalca Srl specializes in the hardware sector and commercial hardware. Over the years the company has consolidated and established itself on the market thanks to the experience gained in the production of machined and stamped metal parts.

Inoxalca Srl
WBO ItalcablesPascarola (Città Metropolitana di Napoli)

WBO Italcables is a cooperative company formed in April 2015 by 51 former employees of Italcables S.p.a. thanks to a Workers Buyout project. The company is a leader in the production of wires, braids and strands for pre-pressed reinforced concrete.

WBO Italcables
ViDiMaValmadrera (Lecco)

VIDIMA competence and professionalism in the processing of electric welded wire mesh and wire mesh products.Since 1990 VIDIMA has been a synonymous with competence and professionalism in the production of electric welded wire mesh and products made of hot dipped galvanized wire or glossy wire which can be chrome coated, mostly raw but also treated on request. Using the latest machinery and fully automatic welding...

Mecavit SrlCastel Guelfo Z.i. Poggio Piccolo (Bologna)

The Company MECAVIT, with thirty years of activity and experience, is leader in the Italian market of screws in carbon steel and stainless steel.Such a successful result has been achieved with constant research of quality, the most qualified sources of row material and the use of the most reliable and advanced development and control technology.

Mecavit Srl
Forind FastenersCassina De' Pecchi (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

Located in Cassina de 'Pecchi, in the hinterland of Milan (Italy), since 2015, Forind Fasteners is part of the Bossard Group, confirming itself as an innovative and qualified distributor of fixing systems.

Forind Fasteners
Minsavit srlBesana In Brianza (Provincia di Monza e della Brianza)

Thanks to a consolidated 30-year-experience Minsavit srl can realize small metal pieces and special screws produced as a sample or on design in various classes of resistance and in a wide range of galvanized finishings in brass, aluminum, stainless steel and copper.

Minsavit srl
TRAFILERIE VAVASSORI srlBeverate di Brivio (Lecco)

At present, the company produces drawn wire, galvanised wire, black and white annealed wire, bright drawn wire in packages of 5 kg up to skeins of 1000 kg, bright, electrolytically and hot galvanized nails in any size, plastified wire in different packages from 10 meters for the bricolage to skeins of 500 kg for industrial use, and galvanised or plastified wide-mesh. All the products are realised by using...

Mollificio Luigi Codega srlMALGRATE (Lecco)

In 1925 Mr. Codega senior started the production of industrial springs, in Lecco.The passion and the competence led him to realize patents that gave a fast development to the company. His son Fabio went on with the same competence and reliability, increasing further on his father’s activity. He realized technical innovations that allowed him to increase the range of products, optimizing the production and improving...

Mollificio Luigi Codega srl
OFFICINA BONACINA SrlCalolziocorte (Lecco)

Officina Bonacina srl is a company founded in 1958 by Alessandro Bonacina with 'activities of Mechanical Workshop for the production and design Machine Tool and mechanical machining. In 1981, after their father death, the successive two daughters Enrica and Lorenza Bonacina, continue l 'activities in mechanical manufacturing improving the production with CNC machines.- Ties rods to customer design- Anchor bolts,...

Mollificio Mantovano SrlSuzzara (Provincia di Mantova)

Mollificio Mantovano manufactures all kinds of wire and strip precision springs. The company is situated in a total area of 10.000 sq.m which includes 4.500 sq.m. of covered area.

Mollificio Mantovano Srl
Mollificio Lecchese srlValmadrera (Lecco)

MOLLIFICIO LECCHESE: our product capability covers parts with a wire diameter ranging from 0.20 up to 9.00 mm and strip thickness from 0.10 to 2.50 mm. In 1997 we moved to our new seat in Valmadrera where our premises cover an area of 4,000 sq.m. We are constantly seeking to strengthen our technology potential; our large range of machines consists of more than 100 units. We design and build all our blanking dies in...

Mollificio Lecchese srl
Gel SncVeduggio Con Colzano (Monza e Brianza)

GEL was founded in 1968 by the brothers Enrico and Luigi Giussani. Since then, the company has been manufacturing a wide and diverse range of steel wire products.

Gel Snc
DIM Srl - Distribuzione Immediata MolleMilano (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

Founded in 1985, D.I.M. markets a range of more than 2000 standardised codes, guaranteeing that all the articles are high quality products supplied by certified companies.

DIM Srl - Distribuzione Immediata Molle
Co.El. Srl Componenti ElasticiTorre de' Busi (Provincia di Lecco)

Co.El. has been successfully operating on the market of springs since 1961. Thanks to its organization and structure, Co.El. guarantees:- the manufacturing of large as well as of small quantities;- the adaptability of the final product to different uses and to the customers’ requirements;- the certification lSO 9001:2008;- SPC certificate.

Co.El. Srl Componenti Elastici
VIRAJWilson Road, Ballard Estate, Mumbai (400038)

Viraj is a global player in the stainless steel industry. High quality stainless steel products, timely delivery and a broad customer base with exports to around 80 countries across the world, has gained Viraj a wide acclaim. Today, Viraj is the one of the largest producer of stainless steel long products in the world.

Lederer GmbHEnnepetal ()

The name "Lederer" now stands for almost 50 years of experience with fasteners made of stainless steel, such as screws, nuts, bolts, normed and standardized parts. This development is the expression of our customer-oriented corporate philosophy – products or services are not the focal point of everything we do; you, the customer, are the focal point. We are not satisfied until you are!

Lederer GmbH


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