Logistics and transport for the metal working industry, for flat products, long products, wire and wire rod, tubes and pipes, fasteners, coils and sheetmetal. Storage and lifting for steel and other metals.

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Giorinastri SrlTravagliato (Provincia di Brescia)

Founded in 1963, the Italian company Giorinastri is a leading firm in manufacturing lashing, tie-down, strapping and lifting systems, such as endless slings and eye-to-eye slings made of HT polyester (PES), nylon and polypropylene.

Giorinastri Srl
M.P. METAL PLAST COMPONENTS SrlCalolziocorte (Lecco)

Medium heavy metal structural work construction to drawings. The “MP Metal Plast Components Srl” is a small but solid company able to create large projects. Its message “small but great for the great” expresses the company’s potential. The company is known for its “STAR ONE” hook, manufactured exclusively by MP, it is created based on specific customer needs, both in terms of dimensions and supplied accessory...

OSCA CORNARA Srl - Vibratori ed elevatori ind.Olginate (Lecco)

OSCA CORNARA srl manufactures and sells various types of machines and equipment: - circular vibrators for automatic feedings - linear vibrators with adjustable counterweight (patented) - vibrators for dosing channels - electrical control equipment - cylindrical, conical, stepped bowls in normal steel or stainless steel - antinoise coatings in polyurethane - level sensors - non sonorous cloaks - additional...

OSCA CORNARA Srl - Vibratori ed elevatori ind.
AGIBI PROGETTI SrlS. Giovanni Lupatoto (Provincia di Verona)

Agibi Progetti is a company specialized in the design and construction of furnaces for the thermal treatment of small metal pieces, automation systems for the production and also ad hoc projects according to the customer’s needs. 

Butti SrlCisano Bergamasco (Bergamo)

Forks, buckets, bins, clamps, accessories, cisterns, baskets, trolleys, tanks: our catalogue offers a wide range of products, designed by 3D Cad technology and manufactured inside of our own factories.Besides selling our products in Italy and around all European Community countries, we export them to Switzerland, Mexico, New Caledonia and Niger. Our clientele and commercial partners estimation made Butti the...

Butti Srl
Lukas Anlagenbau GmbHVohenstrauß (Oberpfalz)

Lukas Anlagenbau GmbH offers complete machines and accessories for the wire and cable industry.

Lukas Anlagenbau GmbH
DimaSimma Intralogistic SrlSpilamberto (Provincia di Modena)

Automatic stores & automatic guided vehicles for goods storage and movement.

DimaSimma Intralogistic Srl
Tecnomovint SrlGorlago - 24060 (Bergamo)

Trade and maintenance of equipment, accessories and lifting and handling systems such as ropes, tie rods, chains, bands, pliers, dynamometers, magnets, suction cups, slingers, "C" hooks, radio controls for special equipment.  

Tecnomovint Srl
ORT ItaliaTicengo (Provincia di Cremona)

ORT Italia, founded in 1964 in Trigolo (CR), Italy, is a leader in the production of thread rolling and lapping machines. In 2013, the ORT Italia brand was acquired by the Jam Jovis company, owned by Franco Mizzotti, which has given a significant boost to innovation and development...

ORT Italia
ELOF AB82434 Hudiksvall ()

ELOF AB has been helping global companies to handle their heavy goods for over 20 years.Elof's heavy load handlers allow quick, safe and simple heavy goods transport.The Heavy Load Handler, real heart of Elof solution, is a modular combination of driving unit and application-specific load unit that is able to easily lift and move cable drums, steel coils or pallets.

TECNOPRESS srlValmadrera (Provincia di Lecco)

Tecnopress operates in the wire processing industry and is the ideal partner for both screws and bolts producers and fasteners machinery manufacturers. The company offers a wide range of servo-devices to assist cold and hot forming machines in their job, while also providing revamping and overhauling services.


THE FUTURE IS TODAY! With this slogan we want to communicate our mental attitude toward the market, which is a reality continuously in transformation. Our present is also our future, what we design and produce today is the basis on which the future production will be carried out.It is therefore time to put ourselves at disposal of those who use Internet, some of which are already our clients on a national and...

Panozzo SrlMerate (Provincia di Lecco)

Panozzo Srl, a company of Merate (LC), produces and distributes plastic articles, vital part of the protection and processing of products, and used in various industrial sectors.

Panozzo Srl
Adolfo Felisati & C. SncConcorezzo (Monza e Brianza)

Adolfo Felisati has been successfully producing, for more than 40 years, lacquered-metal tough plastic labels. Our products are designed to identify and accompany shipments of loose materials such as iron, building materials, pre-fabricated and other materials exposed to the inclemency of weather.

Adolfo Felisati & C. Snc
OMC - WIRELOMBARDIA SrlOlginate (Lecco)

By availing itself of skilled personnel and a constantly growing technological support, OMC-WIRELOMBARDIA Srl today designs and manufactures high quality, high performance machinery for screws, studied to improve the production process obtaining a maximum yield and an excellent product quality.

MATTER SrlBibbiano (Provincia di Reggio Emilia)

Matter designs and manufactures automatic tailor-made warehouses to improve the internal logistics of semi-finished and finished steel products.

Universal Punch Corp.- Santa Ana (CA )

Universal Punch Corp. is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, has been a leader in the tooling and gauging industry for nearly four decades.

Universal Punch Corp.
Propagroup S.p.A.Rivoli (Città Metropolitana di Torino)

We are leader in the market since almost fifty yearsPropagroup S.p.A. was one of the very first companies to be certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard for design and production of materials, devices and accessories for protection and prevention of damages during transport and storage of finished products.

Propagroup S.p.A.
Schnell Group SpaColli al Metauro (Pesaro Urbino)

Schnell Group is a multinational reality made up of 13 companies - 7 for machine production, 1 for software programs and 5 for service supply. We have also over 50 agents and importers and as many servicing centres which ensure our presence on major markets.

Schnell Group Spa
CPS Packaging Solutions - CHIMARCorsico (Milano)

The need for optimised packaging is more important than ever and CPS Packaging Solutions provides customers with a real taylor made logistic service for each customer. CPS produces many types of outer packaging, from corrugated boxes, to wood or plywood, or plastic containers.

CPS Packaging Solutions - CHIMAR
GMP - SlovakiaPribeník (Trebišov District)

GMP Slovakia is worldwide leader in the production of steel reels, drums and handling equipments. The manufacturing department is located in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe, very close European customers but also to extra European customers thanks to the closeness to the main international seaports

GMP - Slovakia
Coding Solutions - Tecnologie per la codifica e l'etichettatura industrialeTorino (Torino)

Coding Solutions has developed leading solutions and expertise to advise and always provide customers with the best products in the field of industrial marking and labeling. Encoders – Ink Jet – Micro-percussion – High definition ink jet – Direct heat transfer printing – Vision systems – Label printers – Barcode – Automatic label and tags applicators – RFI...

Coding Solutions - Tecnologie per la codifica e l'etichettatura industriale
EVB SrlCalolziocorte (Provincia di Lecco)

Established in 1960 in Calolziocorte (Italy) by Vincenzo Butti, E.V.B. is a company specialized in the metal construction industry and boasts more than 50 years of experience and professionalism.

WeighpackThe Hague (The Netherlands)

Weighpack is a specialist in development and production of inspection and weighing machines as well as complete packaging lines for technical products. Since many years Weighpack International is providing heavy duty and high quality packaging lines, therefore our machines guarantee reliability and safety. We know how important flexibility is, and so we always construct flexible custom made machines.

Tramev SrlCesana Brianza (Lecco)

TRAMEV proposes itself to producers of metal wire, wire ropes and yarn derivatives, both as a supplier of new or special standard accessories, and as a partner for the solution of technical problems, with a spirit of collaboration to reach in tune with the customer the quantitative and qualitative improvement of production.

Tramev Srl
Fasb Linea 2 srlCremella (Provincia di Lecco)

FASB Linea 2 is a metalworking company that specialises in the machining of metal pipes. Founded in 1981 as a small workshop located in the garage of the enterprising owner Luigi Fumagalli’s home, it now covers an area of approximately 5,000 square meters, of which about 3,000 are covered This constant growth has enabled FASB to gain a significant position on the national and international market.

Fasb Linea 2 srl
SPF Essepieffe SrlMartinsicuro (Teramo)

The company SPF, with great experience on a European level, is specialized in delivering vanguard solutions for industrial coding.The history of this company begins in 1987. In 20 years its founder, Mr. Leo Ferrari, transformed the company from a little distributor, to a producer of tagging systems for identification.

SPF Essepieffe Srl
Trafileria Punteria GhezziVille D'Anaunia, fraz. Tuenno (Trento)

Since 1963 Trafileria Punteria Ghezzi offers its customers the best available fastening systems. The company has achieved, over the years, the leadership in the Italian market for nails, staples and solutions for the wood packaging industry.

Trafileria Punteria Ghezzi
Paramount DieAbingdon, Maryland  ()

Paramount Die is the leading designer and manufacturer of wire drawing die inserts and tooling systems for the wire drawing industry. For more than 45 years, Paramount Die has delivered dies and wire drawing solutions that optimize wire drawing operations. Paramount Die has helped hundreds of wire drawers improve productivity and increase efficiency of their wire drawing processes by providing premium die inserts...

Paramount Die


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