Lubricants and chemical products: lubricants for wiredrawing, for rolling, extrusion and for working and forming of wires, bars, tubes, fasteners and springs; chemical products for sheathing, pickling, protection of metals etc. The major producers of lubricants and chemical products.

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Chemetall Italia S.r.L.Giussano Birone (Milano)

When it comes to chemical surface treatment of metals, Chemetall's reputation as a leading supplier to the industry is unsurpassed. Be it car manufacturers, automotive industry suppliers, steel mills, cold formers or other metal-treating industries, Chemetall provides high performing products and processes for almost any application.

Chemetall Italia S.r.L.
Aztech Lubricants LLCWayne (Oklahoma)

Aztech Lubricants, founded in 2005, provides quality products and innovative solutions for a variety of industries including: wire drawing, galvanizing, wire forming, agricultural, tires, automotive, construction, etc.The company is specialized in the formulation and production of calcium, sodium and potassium stearate drawing powders, RP oils, ship out oils, drawing oils and precoats.

Aztech Lubricants LLC
Omerler Dies and Rolls Ltd.Ankara (Yenimahalle)

OMERLER Ltd. was established in 1989 as an engineering, consultancy, and sales representation company for the wire industry in Turkey. To date, the company sells its own tungsten carbide dies as well as reforming and profiling rolls. OMERLER also supplies wire drawing lubricants and miscellaneous tools, equipment, and consumables for the wire industry, such as pastes for polishing, cleaning brushes, and much more.

Omerler Dies and Rolls Ltd.
REYS SpaArcore (Provincia di Monza e della Brianza)

REYS S.p.A. is an Italy-based company that researches, develops, and produces chemicals for the metalworking, water treatment, food hygiene, and industrial washing machines industries. The HQ is located in Arcore (Italy) and includes: the production plant, the warehouse, the laboratories, and the offices, with a total area of 8000 covered square meters.

Condat LubricantsChasse-sur-Rhône ()

CONDAT offers an extensive range of lubricants covering all the industrial needs in the field of rod wire, cold rolling, wire drawing, drawing of bars and tubes with brand names as famous as...

Condat Lubricants
Fuchs Lubrificanti S.p.A.Buttigliera d'Asti (Asti)

Founded as a German family company in 1931, Fuchs today is a Group with global reach. Among the independent producers, Fuchs is the world’s largest supplier of industrial lubricants, with several thousand employees in its many operations worldwide. Fuchs leading position is supported by an extensive range of core program lubricants, with tailor-made solutions for various markets.

Fuchs Lubrificanti S.p.A.
Henkel Italia SrlMilano (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

Everything is possible with Henkel. Henkel Adhesives Technologies, the industrial division of the German chemical producer Henkel, sets the standards for the world market and shapes the future. A clever combination of innovative thinking, entrepreneurship, in-depth knowledge of production processes, a customer-oriented approach, and customized solutions - these are the secrets of Henkel's success.

Henkel Italia Srl
Hyperion Materials & TechnologiesColumbus, OH ()

Sandvik Hyperion is a global full-line provider of innovative wire drawing solutions. We offer effective and wear resistant applications in Diamond (PCD) and Cemented Carbide.

Hyperion Materials & Technologies
Klüber Lubrication GmbHSchwelm ()

TRAXIT INTERNATIONAL supplies the wire drawing industry with a complete range of lubricants and pre-coatings suitable to all types of wire for all applications...

Klüber Lubrication GmbH
TECNOVO s.r.l.Milan (Province of Milan)

Tecnovo (TKT Group) has been producing lubricants and auxiliary chemicals for wire drawing and processing since 1945. Tecnovo provides full and prompt technical assistance which starts with the selection of the right products and goes right throuth to testing on the customer's plant with its own specialist personnel.  

TECNOVO s.r.l.
Lubrimetal SpAVercurago (Lecco)

Lubrimetal is a chemical company specialising in the production of lubricants and other chemicals for wire drawing and metal surface treatment.Our well known registered trademarks are synonymous with high performance and guaranteed quality all over the world.

Lubrimetal SpA
PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A.Rogno (Bergamo)

Pan Chemicals, leading producer and worldwide supplier of lubricants and coatings for wire drawing and rolling of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel applications.

Ronchi-ils LubrificantiCarate Brianza (Monza and Brianza)

Ronchi-ils is an authorized distributor of Castrol Industrial for the Metalworking sector. Since 2012 Ronchi-ils is also an Italian distributor of Castrol OFFSHORE Subsea products of the Transaqua and Brayco Micronic series. Castrol is able to cover all the needs of lubrication for the metal industry: neat cutting and forming oils, emulsifying oils, machine lubricating oils, special greases, quenching oils,...

Ronchi-ils Lubrificanti
Condoroil GroupCasale Litta (Varese)

Condoroil proposes itself as a manufacturer of chemicals formulated for the treatment of surfaces. Upstream toward the current trends of the market, the company researches and develops products for each of the applications requested, in order to supply to its users a product that can respond fully to the production demands, also by solving all the unavoidable problems emerging at the beginning and at the end of the...

Condoroil Group


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