Semi-finished products of all types, in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Drawn, rolled and extruded products. From wire to coils, from bars to tubes. Long and flat products.

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ORI MARTIN S.p.a.Brescia (Brescia)

The O.R.I company (Officine Riunite Italiane) began its activity in the mechanical field in 1902. In 1933 the Martin company began its activity in the steel and iron industry. After the 2nd World War (1940 -1945) in 1946, the two companies merged to become O.R.I MARTIN Acciaieria e Ferriera di Brescia (Steel and Iron Works of Brescia) operating exclusively in the steel-making sector producing concrete reinforcing...


The company specializes in drawing galvanized steel wire, phosphated steel wire with low, medium, high carbon content and galvanized iron wire covering the whole range of diameters from Ø0,14mm to Ø1,20mm.

Tecnofil S.p.A.Gottolengo (Province of Brescia)

Since 1994 Tecnofil has been dealing in the production of low-medium carbon content wire. The product range includes: galvanized wire, bright wire, annealed wire, skin-passed wire and wire bands; each product can be customized to better suit the customer’s requirements.  

Tecnofil S.p.A.
TSG - Trafilerie di San Giovanni S.p.A.Lecco (Lecco)

The TRAFILERIE DI SAN GIOVANNI, founded in 1947 in the Lecco district by the two families of entrepreneurs who still run it, have known during their fifty years of history to carve out a leading position in the sector of low carbon ferro drawn products.

TSG - Trafilerie di San Giovanni S.p.A.
Trafilerie Fratelli Rotta s.r.l.Pescate (Provincia di Lecco)

Our firm, founded in 1956,  produces steel threads to high, medium and low carbon. The business philosophy is to satisfy the requirements of the clients with products of quality. 

Trafilerie Fratelli Rotta s.r.l.
Trafilerie di ValgreghentinoValgreghentino (Lecco)

The company produces steel wires for industrial use by using the latest technologies in both dry or wet drawing and in thermal and surface treatments: lead patenting, hot-dip galvanization or semi-finished products phosphatation.

Trafilerie di Valgreghentino
Erre Inox SrlCalolziocorte (Lecco)

Erre Inox Srl, the Italian subsidiary of the Group Raajratna Metal Industries LTD, is responsible for distribution throughout the European territory of the file drawn stainless steel that is produced by Raajaratna Metal Industries in a raw state / annealed and in diameters from 0.10 mm to 26.00 mm, is used for multiple applications.

Erre Inox Srl
BriantubiOrsenigo (Provincia di Como)

Briantubi nasce nel 1980 a Castelmarte (Como) su iniziativa dell’imprenditrice Cinzia Di Lorenzo come produttore di tubi rivestiti in plastifica per il settore mobile e arredo. Nel corso degli anni l’azienda cresce rapidamente, acquisendo una posizione di rilievo sul mercato europeo. Ampliando la gamma dei prodotti anche a tubi con superficie a trattamento galvanico, nel 1996 l’azienda si...

Giuseppe & F.lli BONAITI SrlCalolziocorte (Lecco)

Giuseppe & F.lli Bonaiti currently has about one hundred employees and operates at two production plants in Calolziocorte (Lc) and Palazzago (Bg), offering a wide range of rolled steel and drawn wire products.

Giuseppe & F.lli BONAITI Srl
Lucefin SpaEsine (Provincia di Brescia)

Since 1973, Lucefin Group has been global player in the production and distribution of cold-finished steel bars. With an annual turnover of over 200 million euros and a production of 200,000 tons / year, Lucefin Group exports its products all over the world.

Lucefin Spa

CERATIZIT - pioneer in the hard metal industryFor over 90 years, CERATIZIT has been a forerunner developing exceptional hard material products for cutting tools and wear protection. Headquartered in Mamer, Luxembourg, the company develops and manufactures highly specialized tungsten carbide cutting tools, inserts and rods.

MINONZIO SrlOlginate (Lecco)

The products of Minonzio S.r.l. have applications in various industrial and commercial sectors, such as automotive, transport, furnishings, clothing, etc. and are addressed to a very diversified clientele both in relation to the type of product as well as their specific needs.

IFP SpaPian Camuno (Brescia)

Shaped wire (Z) for loked ropes; wire rod patented phosphated; wire rod patented galvanized; wire rod patented Zn/Al coating; semifinished steel wire patented phosphated; semifinished steel wire patented galvanized; semifinished steel wire patented Zn/Al coating; finished steel wire patented phosphated; finished steel wire patented galvanized; finished steel wire patented Zn/Al coating; final galvanized steel wire;...

Isella SrlSuello (Provincia di Lecco)

For over 50 years Isella has been dealing with the production of cold rolled flat wire and wire drawn products.

Isella Srl
Pogliani SrlCosta Masnaga (Provincia di Lecco)

Pogliani Srl is a top-class partner in the field of brooms and industrial brushes. The Italy-based company provides quality products and efficient services by collaborating with the best producers of semifinished products.

Pogliani Srl

DRAWN AND ROLLED PRODUCTS Bright round drawn wire – Cold rolled strip – Regular and irregular cold rolled half-rounded wire – Oval wire – Square wire – Sections and shaped details (with drawing). OTHER PROCESSES Shearing and flanging of iron straps and strips – cold rolling and annealing on behalf of third parties. MATERIAL Iron S235JR and Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium,...

Trafilerie Malavedo SrlLecco (Lecco)

When the company “ LAMINATOIO DI MALAVEDO” (“ROLLING MILL OF MALAVEDO”) moved its plants and attached wire-drawing factory, to Sesto San Giovanni an employee, Mr Gianola Alberto, with his son Daniele, took over the ownership.In 1930 the TRAFILERIE DI MALAVEDO was founded.

Trafilerie Malavedo Srl
ATM Trafilerie SrlMoglia (Mantova)

ATM s.r.l. is a wire-drawing factory founded in 1987. It has a production area of ​​3,000 square meters and an annual production of 10,000 tons of drawn steel, with medium and low carbon content.

ATM Trafilerie Srl
WBO ItalcablesPascarola (Città Metropolitana di Napoli)

WBO Italcables is a cooperative company formed in April 2015 by 51 former employees of Italcables S.p.a. thanks to a Workers Buyout project. The company is a leader in the production of wires, braids and strands for pre-pressed reinforced concrete.

WBO Italcables
Pittini GroupOsoppo (Udine)

Pittini Group, headquartered in Osoppo (Italy) is a leading manufacturer of long steel products for the building and mechanical engineering industry. Pittini Group is a solid industrial brand oriented towards constant growth, driven by high-tech investments, product innovation, and careful environmental sustainability policy.

Pittini Group
TRAFILERIE VAVASSORI srlBeverate di Brivio (Lecco)

The company produces drawn wire, galvanised wire, black and white annealed wire, bright drawn wire in packages of 5 kg up to skeins of 1000 kg, bright, electrolytically and hot galvanized nails in any size, plastified wire in different packages from 10 meters for the bricolage to skeins of 500 kg for industrial use, and galvanised or plastified wide-mesh. All the products are realised by using state-of-the-art...

TRAFILERIA SCERELLI srlAnnone Brianza (Lecco)

Founded in Annone di Brianza in 1974, it is currently able to meet a demand equal to 30,000 tons per year.The TRAFILERIA SCERELLI is equipped with its own laboratory thanks to which it is able to supply to each order a chemical and mechanical test certificate to guarantee the product sold.The delivery of goods takes place in the utmost punctuality in any Italian or European region.Our systems are all of recent...

SIKA ProfiliCasier (Treviso)

The success of Sika products comes from a policy of constant technical improvements dictating quality care to the whole production process: starting from the designing which is developed in close cooperation with the Customer up to the production, package and stock. We focus on developing long term relationships with our customers. As a matter of fact, since manufacturing special profiles for the first time in the...

SIKA Profili
Heshan Hang Kei Steel Wire Manufacturing Co. LtdHeshan (Guangdong )

Heshan Hang Kei Steel Wire Manufacturing Co. Ltd, owned by Hong Kong Golik Holding Limited, is based in Guang Dong Province Pearl River Delta Reign.

Heshan Hang Kei Steel Wire Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Pasquali Trading SrlConegliano (Provincia di Treviso)

Pasquali Trading is from 1992 reference point in Italy and in Europa in selling and after- sale service of machines for wire processing.

Pasquali Trading Srl
E. PONZIANI S.P.A. Industria acciai trafilatiSIRONE (Lecco)

E. PONZIANI S.P.A. High, medium and low carbon steel wire. Our product is used for the following application: static and dynamic mechanical springs; mattresses and bed springs; springs for agricultural machinery, wire ropes, clamps, tubes, remote controls, screens and metal nettings.

E. PONZIANI S.P.A. Industria acciai trafilati
Bhansali Bright Bars PVT. Ltd.Grant Road, Mumbai  ()

Bhansali specializes in Stainless Steel Bright Bars, Hexagons and Squares. Besides, Bhansali has a strong foothold in Stainless Steel Wires, Wire Rods, Threaded Rods and Flanges business. These products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art modern plant in Navi Mumbai, India. Bhansali is enjoying "preferred supplier" status from buyers all around the globe for these products.  

Bhansali Bright Bars PVT. Ltd.
Rodacciai GroupBosisio Parini  (Provincia di Lecco)

Innovation as a driver for growth: the history of the Rodacciai Group began in Pusiano (Como, Italy) in 1956, when a charismatic and innovative entrepreneur, Giuseppe Roda, founded Trafileria Roda & C., a small company specializing in the cold drawing of steel bars. Following the installation of a hot processing plant specifically for leaded steel and the vertical integration of the production process, the...

Rodacciai Group
TIS srl - Tubi Inox SaldatiValmadrera (Lecco)

The structural quality of TIS tubes is further improved by satin finishing and prestigious polishing, to different degrees of roughness. Advanced roughness control systems make it possible to obtain homogeneous and constant finishes. First-rate exterior finish is what makes a TIS tube unique and indispensable in all fields requiring a flawless appearance.All polished and mirror polished tubes are packaged in...

TIS srl - Tubi Inox Saldati
Proinvest Group SRLPașcani (Pașcani)

Proinvest Group is a multiproduct company with multiple manufacturing facilities specialized in steel processing, from simple components for construction up to tooling and precision mechanical components.

Proinvest Group SRL
BRIO SrlLecco (Provincia di Lecco)

BRIO is a young company with more than 20-years of experience in the field of steel and alloys, and their derivatives.In detail the company deals with cold heading wire, low, medium and high carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, PVC and polymer coated wire, bookbinding wire, aluminium wire, steel strips, special profiles and steel wire strands.

Trafilerie Assi SpaBareggio (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

Trafilerie Assi S.p.A. is a family run company and since 1973 has been constantly present in the field of cold drawing of steels for high speed machining.

Trafilerie Assi Spa
Mussari Srl Lurate Caccivio (Como)

The production range, that initially regarded mainly the welded redrawn tubes, has extended also to seamless redrawn tubes and the process of annealing on behalf of third parties.

Mussari Srl
Caleotto SpaLonato del Garda (Provincia di Brescia)

The Caleotto rolling mill boasts lengthy strong-as-steel tradition: it was founded long ago in 1896 by as many as 29 partners, all dealing in the metallurgy and wire drawing industry, and all from the Lecco area, which as early as the 15th century was identified as the industrial district specialising in the production of steel wire.

Caleotto Spa

We produce a wide range of high quality nails and points for every use. The best equipment on the market allows us to use material from 0.7 to 5 mm in diameter, and to produce points and other details with a design ranging from 5 to 170 mm. We are able to supply nails in iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper.

Siderinox SpAMorimondo - fraz. Caselle (Milan)

Established in 1968, the company is currently active on local and foreign markets with a complete range of longitudinally stainless steel welded tube.In full compliance with main European standards the products are suited for the food, chemical and petrochemical industry, for the pharmaceutical sector and paper industry, forhigh-technology plants and in the field of architecture and building decoration.

Siderinox SpA
SteelgroupCalolziocorte (Lecco)

“Steelgroup represents the union of four Italian companies MAB – CB – FAR - ITA, specialized in the production of WIRES - STRANDS - STEEL BARS and its derivatives, companies that share a common vision of quality for the best customer satisfaction.”

Metallurgica Locatelli S.p.A.Calolziocorte (Lecco)

Metallurgica Locatelli operates in the sector of the drawing of low carbon steel wires. Founded in 1920 by Fortunato Locatelli, the small craft business of Lecco has been transformed into a public limited company with a staff of about 40 people and covers an area of 20,000 square meters. Today the Metallurgica Locatelli, which is based in Calolziocorte (LC), is run by the grandson's founder.

Metallurgica Locatelli S.p.A.
Bottaro Mario SrlNovate Milanese ()

Leading innovation since 1956. An entrepreneurial adventure started by Mario Bottaro and carried on today by his sons Marco and Alberto. A family company synonymous for over 60 years with innovation, flexibility, and reliability. An established leader in Italy and in the world in the production and supply of wire rod products and wire coils. A Made-in-Italy professional with high-quality standards. A responsible...

Bottaro Mario Srl
Generaltubi SpATorino (Torino)

The main business consists of selling steel pipes produced by the biggest Italian and European ironworks. The big range of sizes, grades and steel types always available in our storehouse, permit a fast and accurate market and customers’ requirement satisfaction. 

Generaltubi SpA
Effegidi InternationalSacca (Colorno)

Effegidi S.P.A. (in 2002 it became EFFEGIDI International Spa due to industrial strategies) was born, over 30 years ago, from the experience of operators and technicians devoted to this field. Noticing the lack of a flexible and dynamic structure on the market of converters, they established this new company oriented to slit, lamination and coating of plastic films (such as Polyester, Polypropylene etc.) and non...

Effegidi International
Trafilerie Galli srlTorre De' Picenardi (Cremona)

Trafilerie Galli has been working in the wire drawing field of low and medium carbon steel since 1969. Through its constant investment in production systems and in processing techniques, Trafilerie Galli is always in a position to meet its customer’s requirements as demanded, providing a high quality standard at the most competitive price.

Trafilerie Galli srl

The TRAFILERIA LECCHESE srl with many years of experience in the steel wire industry has reached a level of quality of the product and of the service to be qualified as a preferred supplier by many users.

Eredi Airoldi s.r.l.Civate (Lecco)

"Eredi Mario e Antonio Airoldi s.a.s" is a company specialized in cold rolling of metal wire.Starting from drawn wire and wire rod, by plastic deformation, we can get different section profiles (flat, half-round, oval, triangular, etc...).We work several kinds of steel, with low and high carbon ratio.Our products are used mainly to produce springs, nets, hooks, automotive articles, home appliances, leather and...

Eredi Airoldi s.r.l.
Sapa Acciai SrlCusago (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

SAPA ACCIAI Srl has been on the wire market since 1984. The company specializes in the commercialization and distribution of extruded stainless steel wires, carbon, galvanized, pre-tempered wires and zinc-aluminum wires for the production of springs.

Sapa Acciai Srl

T.M.I. is an Italian company specialized in dry and wet drawing of metallic wire. High carbon steel wire and low carbon steel wire for ropes, springs, casing wire, industrial brushes, staples, packages, steel fibres and for general purposes. High carbon steel wire and low carbon steel wire can be supplied phosphated, hot dip galvanised, electro-galvanised, brass coated. Located in Lecco, historical and...

Trafileria Punteria GhezziVille D'Anaunia, fraz. Tuenno (Trento)

Since 1963 Trafileria Punteria Ghezzi offers its customers the best available fastening systems. The company has achieved, over the years, the leadership in the Italian market for nails, staples and solutions for the wood packaging industry.

Trafileria Punteria Ghezzi
Filomatic SrlGambara (Province of Brescia)

FILOMATIC Srl specializes in the manufacturing of low and medium carbon drawn steel wire. The company provides its customers with a wide selection of Italian and European steel grades. More than 25 years of experience allow the young company to offer a variety of finishes and surface treatments. The packaging choices are plenty, too: wooden reels, metal reels, strapped coils, and iron wire carriers.

Filomatic Srl
Trafileria Galbani SasBallabio (Provincia di Lecco)

Bright drawn wire - Soap lubricated wire - Semi bright drawn wire Diameter: from 1.80 to 8.00 mm. Packaged in coils (200-1000 kg). Packaged on reels (500-1200 kg). On request: wrapped up with extensible protection film.

Trafileria Galbani Sas
Nevatia Steel & Alloys Pvt. LimitedMumbai  ()

Nevatia Steel & Alloys Pvt. Limited, the first Indian stainless wire company to have triple certification of ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 14001 : 2004 and OHSAS 18001 : 2007, incorporated in the year 1988 to manufacture Stainless Steel Wires for the International market. NEVATIA STEEL is now proud to announce TS 16949 accreditation !!

Nevatia Steel & Alloys Pvt. Limited
TRAFILERIA ARCOFIL di Tentori & C. sncLecco (Lecco)

Specialized in the wiredrawing of redrawn galvanized wire in a diameter range from 1,80 to 8,0 mm, we have been present on the market for more than 20 years. Our products are still manufactured in an handmade way allowing us to obtain a specially bright and constant wire that satisfy fully the needs of clients. Doubtless it’s of big relevance the care that we give to the selection of the materials and to the...

TRAFILERIA ARCOFIL di Tentori & C. snc
SadevinoxAnnecy  ()

SADEV Group is a reliable one-stop shop for sourcing, manufacturing and logistics. As such we can work with customers on three levels as either:Custom products: custom sized stainless steel wires and sheets, precision turned parts, sub-assemblies

Amenduni GroupMilano (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

Amenduni Group - Quality, service, attention to the customer. Founded on June 16, 2009 by Michele Amenduni, the Amenduni Group was born with the aim of uniting under the same banner several companies for a total production capacity of 250,000 tons/year of steel.

Amenduni Group
Drahtwerk Wagener GmbH & Co. KGAltena (Arnsberg)

Drahtwerk Wagener is a leading drawn steel wire manufacturer based in Germany. The firm produces patented and unalloyed round, square, and flat steel wire for screens, ropes, technical springs, and upholstery.

Drahtwerk Wagener GmbH & Co. KG
Leon Bekaert SpaMilano (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

Bekaert is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. To be the preferred supplier of steel wire products and solutions, they consistently deliver superior value to our customers worldwide. Bekaert (Euronext Brussels: BEKB) was established in 1880 and is a global company with approximately 30 000 employees worldwide.

Leon Bekaert Spa
Frigerio & Duroni SncMeda (Provincia di Monza e della Brianza)

Frigerio & Duroni is a company that has been manufacturing low and medium carbon steel fine wires since 1950.

Frigerio & Duroni Snc
AFV Acciaierie Beltrame SpaVicenza (Province of Vicenza)

The Beltrame Group has been active in the steel industry since 1896 and is European leader in the production of merchant bars. It has approximately 2,6000 employees, four steelworks and thirteen rolling mills distributed across nine production sites in Italy, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and Romania. The Group is commercially present in all world markets.

AFV Acciaierie Beltrame Spa
RONCONI SpA - Cold Drawn Steel TubesOpera (Milano)

Ronconi SpA is a company based in Italy with more than 70 years experience in the production of cold drawn precision carbon and alloy steel seamless tubes.The main areas of use are: mechanics - motorcycles, cars, hydraulics, rods & cylinder... Energy - petrochemical, heat exchangers, boilers...

RONCONI SpA - Cold Drawn Steel Tubes
VIRAJWilson Road, Ballard Estate, Mumbai (400038)

Viraj is a global player in the stainless steel industry. High quality stainless steel products, timely delivery and a broad customer base with exports to around 80 countries across the world, has gained Viraj a wide acclaim. Today, Viraj is the one of the largest producer of stainless steel long products in the world.

MADERA ACCIAI srlCinisello Balsamo (Milano)

Since 1960 MA.DE.RA. has been dealing with wholesale trade of steel wire and strips. Specifically carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys, iron and all the materials mainly used for springs, trinkets and springy components. Our company in 1998 gained the acknowledgment according to UNI EN 9001:2000. The continuous monitoring process of activities and services are always an incentive for our improvement in compliance...

Punto Inox ServiceMerone (Como)

Punto Inox Service strongly wants to be an answer to the growing demand of the products offered, always aiming at a high quality standard. We feel to be a company that pays careful and due attention to market trends, ready to face the European competition by offering the best, both in terms of reliability and service.

Punto Inox Service
C.D. Wälzholz GmbH & Co. KGHagen (Arnsberg)

The company has been founded in 1910 in Germany by Friedrich Gustav Theis, and is now a big international group with units in Germany, China, Italy, India and France. Much has been done at Theis to ensure that our steel is available to you faster than usual. Through consistent development and a customer oriented way of thinking, significant improvement of the processing times have been achieved. Customers’...

C.D. Wälzholz GmbH & Co. KG
ABS Acciaierie Bertoli Safau SpaPozzuolo del Friuli (Provincia di Udine)

The tradition of innovation since 1813. ABS was founded in 1988 by the merger of two steel mills, "the Officine Bertoli" founded in 1813 and "Safau", whose origins date back to 1934.

ABS Acciaierie Bertoli Safau Spa
Piattine e Profili Inox SrlCerro Maggiore (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

Piattine e Profili Inox Srl was founded in 1979, in a small town near Milano called Bollate, and began by producing round edged, stainless strips and profiles, primarily supplied to the domestic appliance industry. The particular precision and reliability demonstrated in the company production processes, lead to a growing demand in this highly technical and sensitive market.

Piattine e Profili Inox Srl
Trafilati Fabrizio SrlRogeno (Provincia di Lecco)

Trafilati Fabrizio Srl, headquartered in Italy, offers a wide range of drawn, rolled, and ground bars from automatic, common, hardening, tempering, case-hardening and stainless steel, all of European origin. Angle bars, T-profiles, L-profiles, rolled bars, and cut services complete the corporate portfolio.

Trafilati Fabrizio Srl
Demasteel SrlBernareggio (Provincia di Monza e della Brianza)

Demasteel is an Italian company founded on October 2015 with the aim of offering a personalized service to all national companies dealing with metallic wire and bar processing.

Demasteel Srl
ACCIAITUBI SpaTerno d'Isola (Bergamo)

Acciaitubi SpA production is based on two rolling lines. Raw material (coils made of carbon steel) is worked over the Slittering machine, feeding the two welding lines. After production tubes can be hot-dipped galvanised at 450°C, screwed if required or cut in fix lengths with restricted tolerances. Acciaitubi SpA is also specialized in Sendzimir tubes, from pre-galvanised strip, for which we are able to restore...


The firm is structured with a rolling and a drawing department, that have a productive capacity within a range from 2 mm. to 38 mm. The strong points are: wide range of production capacities, high-quality standards, care and attention in the service offered to customers. All materials are checked and selected to ensure maximum reliability in processing. The productions have a wide range of applications:...

Trafileria A. Mauri SpaCesana Brianza (Provincia di Lecco)

Trafileria Mauri, founded in 1961 by Angelo Mauri and sons, soon became a reference point for its territory. The company has been specialized for 57 years in the production of drawn products in free-cutting, engineering, automotive and medium-alloyed steels...

Trafileria A. Mauri Spa
Trafilerie San Paolo srlErba (Como)

Trafilerie San Paolo produces rolled, drawn and peeled products in coils, rolls and bars, in raw or annealed material, with or without phosphating, in diameters from 2.00 to 40.00 mm of steels which are mainly intended for production of cold deformed parts. Our clients are cold stamping workshops of bolts and special parts, which with our steels make low-strength, self-tying, bolts and nuts fasteners or low, medium...

Trafilerie San Paolo srl
Trafilcentro SrlMonsampolo del Tronto (Provincia di Ascoli Piceno)

Trafilcentro srl is a synthesis of the commitment, passion for work and entrepreneurial skills of the Liberati family which began its first industrial activity in the early post-war years in the wooden packaging sector, before moving on to the production of steel wires, more in demand in a lively market at the height of the economic boom.

Trafilcentro Srl
Trafilerie Manzoni SrlLecco (Lecco)

We are producers of carbon steel wire according to UNI-DIN-AFNOR-ASTMBSS-GHOST ect. standards with the following finish: phosphated, bright or zinc-plated for the production of all kind of spring parts, wire ropes, zigzag nets, rolling bearings, lock washers, tube and cable armors, articles for interior decoration. Moreover, we produce the following steel wire: drawn and anneaied, rendrawn with one draft from...

Trafilerie Manzoni Srl
Böllinghaus Steel GmbHHilden (Düsseldorf)

Böllinghaus Steel GmbH produces and sells hot rolled and cold drawn stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys profiles...

Böllinghaus Steel GmbH


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