Equipment and spare parts for the wire, tube, fasteners, coils field. All the companies producing spare parts and wear parts for machines and lines used in the metal processing field: wire guides, lamination boxes, wire-straighteners...

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Caruso FastenersMerone (Provincia di Como)

Caruso Fasteners presents itself in the market as a manufacturer and distributor of fasteners for various industries, with a particular emphasis on active listening to customer needs, from design to prototyping, to actual production, even on large numbers.

Caruso Fasteners
DCF Group SrlValmadrera (Lecco)

DCF Group is specialized over the years towards the most widespread markets and sectors, including the chemical and petrochemical sector with explosion-proof motors, with a daily production of about 1000-1200 shafts, Standard and Specials, according to customer needs.

DCF Group Srl
Selva Antonio & C. snc - Selva FittingsPrimaluna (Lecco)

During the second half of the 1990s, significant changes came with the move to CNC machines. Today, the company – while maintaining a number of mechanical machines – operates as a leading continuous-cycle contract manufacturer 24/7 with CNC machines, and handles around 50,000 units a day. Selva Antonio & C. snc, ever sensitive to market requirements, has diversified and broadened its product...

Selva Antonio & C. snc - Selva Fittings
Bottaro Mario SrlNovate Milanese ()

Leading innovation since 1956. An entrepreneurial adventure started by Mario Bottaro and carried on today by his sons Marco and Alberto. A family company synonymous for over 60 years with innovation, flexibility, and reliability. An established leader in Italy and in the world in the production and supply of wire rod products and wire coils. A Made-in-Italy professional with high-quality standards. A responsible...

Bottaro Mario Srl
Boxy SpARemedello (Brescia)

Established in 1969, Boxy has become in a few years a world leader for quality and service. Boxy produces steel reels for wires, ropes and cables, either according to customers' specifications or DIN standards.

Boxy SpA
Butti SrlCisano Bergamasco (Bergamo)

Forks, buckets, bins, clamps, accessories, cisterns, baskets, trolleys, tanks: our catalogue offers a wide range of products, designed by 3D Cad technology and manufactured inside of our own factories.Besides selling our products in Italy and around all European Community countries, we export them to Switzerland, Mexico, New Caledonia and Niger. Our clientele and commercial partners estimation made Butti the...

Butti Srl
Fratom Fastech Co., LtdKaohsiung City ()

FRATOM FASTECH has been founded in 2015, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, as a provider of total tooling solution, with a production background of over 25 years.The company specializes in manufacturing and exporting high precision metal cold and hot forming tools.

Fratom Fastech Co., Ltd
VIRAJWilson Road, Ballard Estate, Mumbai (400038)

Viraj is a global player in the stainless steel industry. High quality stainless steel products, timely delivery and a broad customer base with exports to around 80 countries across the world, has gained Viraj a wide acclaim. Today, Viraj is the one of the largest producer of stainless steel long products in the world.

INOSYM LtdChristchurch (Christchurch City)

Founded in early 2000, Inosym's entry into the wire and cable market has been rapid. From humble beginnings - Inosym is today one of the key players in the supply of wire and cable products to industries all over the world.Our rapid expansion has allowed us to develop an extensive supply and distribution network and today - our quality products are exported to Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. 

Spazzolplastica SrlSan Zenone degli Ezzelini (Provincia di Treviso)

Spazzolplastica is a leading company in the field of support equipment for welding wire. With over 40 years of experience in the field, the company is today the only integrated manufacturer of iron baskets and plastic spools. Thanks to the remarkable expertise of its technical staff and cutting-edge technology, the company can maintain high production volumes and consistent technical characteristics at a competitive...

Spazzolplastica Srl
M & G Bagnoli di Sopra (Provincia di Padova)

M. & G. boasts many years of experience in the production and processing of dies and in the manufacturing of technical articles for drawing.The high quality of the products is guaranteed by continuous and automated production processes, and from strict quality controls performed both on the raw material and on all stages of processing.

M & G
ErvinBerlin ()

Established in 1920 as a family-owned business, Ervin is a specialist in the production and supply of steel and stainless steel cast abrasives. Every single product in the company’s portfolio is instilled with the same innovative, pioneering spirit of John F. Ervin, founder and first developer of the steel abrasive casting process still used by producers today. Ervin is the original and the best: the quality...

Pittini GroupOsoppo (Udine)

Pittini Group, headquartered in Osoppo (Italy) is a leading manufacturer of long steel products for the building and mechanical engineering industry. Pittini Group is a solid industrial brand oriented towards constant growth, driven by high-tech investments, product innovation, and careful environmental sustainability policy.

Pittini Group
Paramount DieAbingdon, Maryland  ()

Paramount Die is the leading designer and manufacturer of wire drawing die inserts and tooling systems for the wire drawing industry. For almost 55 years, Paramount Die has delivered dies and wire drawing solutions that optimize wire drawing operations. Paramount Die has helped hundreds of wire drawers improve productivity and increase efficiency of their wire drawing processes by providing premium die...

Paramount Die
Castelnuovo Oreste Trafile Cesana Brianza (Provincia di Lecco)

CASTELNUOVO ORESTE TRAFILE was founded in 2004 by Mr. Oreste Castelnuovo after several years of experience in various companies in the field. Specialized in the production of hard metal drawing dies, the company also offers an assistance service for the restoration of worn out dies as well as PVD and CVD coatings.

Castelnuovo Oreste Trafile
COMETO SRLAnnone di Brianza (Lecco)

High quality production, care for details, Cometo s.n.c. is leader in the production of wire , cable and tube equipment. The wide production range offers different solutions to satisfy the most demanding customers; the products can be customised according to the specific need of each customer. Straighteners, guides, rollers, feeders , rotating die-holders and the new MTF straightening and cutting machine are only a...

Cemanco L.C.Pompano Beach (Florida)

Cemanco LC. Headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida USA develops, manufactures & supplies customers all over the world with solutions and products for the Wire, Cable, Textile & Automotive industries.

Cemanco L.C.
Omerler Dies and Rolls Ltd.Ankara (Yenimahalle)

OMERLER Ltd. was established in 1989 as an engineering, consultancy, and sales representation company for the wire industry in Turkey. To date, the company sells its own tungsten carbide dies as well as reforming and profiling rolls. OMERLER also supplies wire drawing lubricants and miscellaneous tools, equipment, and consumables for the wire industry, such as pastes for polishing, cleaning brushes, and much more.

Omerler Dies and Rolls Ltd.
Aztech Lubricants LLCWayne (Oklahoma)

Aztech Lubricants, founded in 2005, provides quality products and innovative solutions for a variety of industries including: wire drawing, galvanizing, wire forming, agricultural, tires, automotive, construction, etc.The company is specialized in the formulation and production of calcium, sodium and potassium stearate drawing powders, RP oils, ship out oils, drawing oils and precoats.

Aztech Lubricants LLC
hofmann CERAMIC GmbHBreitscheid-Erdbach ()

One of the company's key manufacturing areas is in technical ceramics for the foundry industry. Hofmann Ceramic also supplies the wire and cable industry with high-quality wear-resistant parts made from oxide ceramic. The third section of the company's product portfolio comprises refractory heavy-duty ceramics for all types of oven construction.

hofmann CERAMIC GmbH
CEMSA International S.r.lCologno Monzese (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

CEMSA International S.r.l has been designing and manufacturing machines and lines in the fields of resistance welding, electrical upsetting, assembly, and automation for over half a century. With applications in a wide range of industries, from automotive to aerospace, CEMSA equipment is valued by customers worldwide - 80 % overseas.

CEMSA International S.r.l
PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A.Rogno (Bergamo)

Pan Chemicals, leading producer and worldwide supplier of lubricants and coatings for wire drawing and rolling of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel applications.

Changzhou Cabletec Machinery Co., Ltd. Changzhou City ()

Established in 2002 in Changzhou, China, Cabletec Machinery Co., Ltd. is a well-known wire and cable machines manufacturer; a reliable partner for all your machinery requirements. 

Changzhou Cabletec Machinery Co., Ltd.
PRESEZZI EXTRUSION SPAVimercate (Monza e Brianza)

PRESEZZI EXTRUSION manufactures an entire range of systems for aluminium, copper, brass and steel extrusion including traditional, front loading, back loading, direct, indirect presses and presses with perforators. Each component is built with the utmost care and is inspected by qualified international boards. For this reason, our products are all of high quality and guarantee total reliability.

Nuova T srlPozzolo Formigaro (Provincia di Alessandria)

NuovaT manufactures natural diamond, monocrystalline and polycrystalline diesEver since Tifle turned into NuovaT (NuovaT stands for "new TIFLE"), we endeavoured to achieve the highest possible standards through research and innovation. We pride ourselves for the sintering processes...

Nuova T srl
Chemetall Italia S.r.L.Giussano Birone (Milano)

When it comes to chemical surface treatment of metals, Chemetall's reputation as a leading supplier to the industry is unsurpassed. Be it car manufacturers, automotive industry suppliers, steel mills, cold formers or other metal-treating industries, Chemetall provides high performing products and processes for almost any application.

Chemetall Italia S.r.L.
FAR SrlQuarto Inferiore (Bologna)

FAR srl, an Italian leading manufacturer of fastening systems certified in compliance with ISO 9001 2008, for over 50 years produces high-technology products: wide range of blind rivets (various materials even according to Customer’s drawing), hexagonal and cylindrical threaded inserts and, as flagship, manual, hydropneumatic, electrical and automatic riveting tools.Our production is entirely manufactured and...

EVB SrlCalolziocorte (Provincia di Lecco)

Established in 1960 in Calolziocorte (Italy) by Vincenzo Butti, E.V.B. is a company specialized in the metal construction industry and boasts more than 50 years of experience and professionalism.

GEM s.r.l.Robassomero (Torino)

Gem S.r.l. is a leader in the design and manufacture of resistance welding components and machines for wire products. Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

GEM s.r.l.
Vassena filiere Srl (Dies)Malgrate (Lecco)

VASSENA FILIERE Its name is synonymous with quality in the production of dies and equipment for drawing. An important result, which rewards the entrepreneurial dynamism of Giuseppe Vassena and makes the "Vassena di Malgrate" a company that ranks among the quality leaders in its sector.    

Vassena filiere Srl (Dies)
DEM SpaPavia di Udine (Provincia di Udine)

DEM delivers worldwide solutions in the wire field for cold material transformation, such as cold profile wire rolling, wire flattening and cold material handling equipment. DEM develops and produces driven cold rolling mills for wire profile or wire flattening production, idle cold rolling cassettes, mostly used for wire ribbing, and cold rolling auxiliary equipment for coiling, spooling or recoiling operations...

Sjogren Industries, Inc.Worcester, MA 01610 ()

Sjogren: delivering innovation across the full spectrum of the wire straightening industry for nine decades.

Sjogren Industries, Inc.
Proteco srlCerreto Castello (Provincia di Biella)

The ability to innovate of Proteco originates from the synergy between a precise knowledge of all the issues related to the manufacturing of transposed cable and a remarkable inventive capacity level. In designing and manufacturing machinery, Proteco makes use of the most evolute technical means, including 3D prototypization. This methodical approach ensures the products to be at high grade of safety and reliability

Proteco srl
CEA Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche Annettoni SPALecco (Lecco)

The CEA S.p.A. it is counted among the European leaders for the design and construction of professional welding machines. Today's vast assortment consists of arc welding, plasma cutting and resistance welding.

CEA Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche Annettoni SPA
Texera srlBusto Arsizio (Provincia di Varese)

50 years of experience and more than 6000 items, these numbers are witness to the professionalism of Texera. A company with a long and established experience in the ceramic guides for textile industry and metal wires.

Texera srl
PMA SrlLecco (Lecco)

For many years, our company deals in study, planning and building of machines and accessories for the wiry manufacturing. We are specialized in the repairing, spare parts and construction of accessories for completion of lines .The multi-years experience and our skilled staff moreover, consent us to offer a service of complete assistance and servicing for every plant. Our company boasts like customers the most...

FLYMCA SLGuarnizo (Cantabria)

FLYMCA is an experienced Spanish rotating machinery manufacturer, building machines and equipment for the wire and cable industry, mainly stranders as tubular stranders, rigid stranders, planetary stranders as well as bow cablers, drum twisting lines, and other equipment used in the production of electrical cables and steel ropes. As Flymca's sister company FLYRO is involved in used machinery, mixed solutions...

Rosendahl Nextrom GmbHPischelsdorf  ()

Rosendahl is a world leader in production technologies for cable and steel ropes, specializing in extrusion, SZ-stranding, optical fiber and corrugation. Machines and solutions are used for the production of steel ropes, LV, MV and HV cables, automotive cables, fiber optic and metal communication cables. Nextrom is a leading global supplier of manufacturing solutions for optical fibers and fiber optic cables, with...

Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH
Mikrotek Machines Ltd.Bangalore, Karnataka ()

Established in the year 1993 by Mr. B Kamalbabu, a technocrat and entrepreneur who raised Mikrotek as one of the top manufacturers of wiredrawing dies and die polishing equipment in the world.As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Mikrotek has moved an edge forward to supply dies which exceeds customers’ expectations thus its name has become synonymous to the art of die making and die technology.The...

Mikrotek Machines Ltd.
SpecialinsertTorino (Torino)

At Specialinsert - proudly a successful presence in the world of fasteners for 40 years - we know how to keep in step with - and sometimes even ahead of - times.

Carris ReelsProctor (Rutland County)

Carris Reels, providing creative packaging solutions to the wire and cable industry since 1951, manufactures and sells wood, metal and plastic reels

Carris Reels
New Spool SrlMollaro (Trento)

New Spool specializes in the production of steel spools for welding wire that meet the expectations of clients worldwide.Founded in 1988, after few years the company acquired Gavle Trad AB, Swedish manufacturer of this type of spools with 40 years experience in the field.New Spool is able to satisfy all costumers with all BS and K type of spools by customizing the products upon customer requests.

New Spool Srl
Leading Machinery Germany GmbH (LMG)Ostfildern (Stuttgart)

Leading Machinery Germany is the German supplier of the brand names of Cometo, Tramev, AMPE, Felisari, Promills and OMCG. The company’s foundations are built upon high quality products, integrity and mutual business relationships, backed up by 50 years of experience in the manufacture and application of high-tech equipment in the wire, rod, cable and electronics industries.

Leading Machinery Germany GmbH (LMG)
Lamnea Bruk ABLjusfallshammar ()

Lämneå Bruk AB specializes in the design and manufacture of machines for the ferrous and stainless steel wire industry and is a reliable supplier of complete lines and plants for the wire industry including pay-offs, mechanical de-scaling equipment , drawing machines and take-up units. 

Lamnea Bruk AB
Atrebor SasMolteno (Provincia di Lecco)

Atrebor Sas was established in 1989 as a company which designs, produces and commercializes hydraulic cylinders, components and hydraulic and electronic pneumatic equipment. The wide variety, dependability and quality of the product constructed and commercialized, as well as pre and post sales services are guaranteed by highly qualified personnel. 

Atrebor Sas
SMA Recycling Technology Srl - (SMART)Cisnadie  (Jud. Sibiu )

Established in 2012, SMA Recycling Technologies (SMAR.T.) offers customized solutions for the recycling and enhancement of materials such as metals, electric cables, plastics, wood, out-of-use tires, WEEE, etc.

SMA Recycling Technology Srl - (SMART)
RTP PAGANONI SRLCesana Brianza (Lecco)

The company has for years been committed to finding increasingly optimal solutions to the various problems of customers in the field of wear-resistant materials. Thanks to the continuous technological innovations and the use of sophisticated machines, we are able to satisfy all your needs and, if necessary, to experiment with new procedures to obtain products "tailor-made" for our customers.

Die Quip Corp.Bethel Park (Allegheny County)

We have stand-alone machines for finishing dies in all sizes. To keep maximum efficiency for larger production runs we build work cells of two or more machines to eliminate downtime from size changeovers. lt also allows for better meeting point diameter control to hold tighter tolerances. The work cell can utilize semi or automatic machines depending on your production needs.

Die Quip Corp.

CERATIZIT - pioneer in the hard metal industryFor over 90 years, CERATIZIT has been a forerunner developing exceptional hard material products for cutting tools and wear protection. Headquartered in Mamer, Luxembourg, the company develops and manufactures highly specialized tungsten carbide cutting tools, inserts and rods.

AITMAC, IncConcord (Ontario)

AITMAC, Inc has been established to service the wire, rod and cable industries with the brand names of Cometo, Tramev and Appiani.

Cartacci Tube MachinerySeriate (Provincia di Bergamo)

Cartacci Tube Machinery was established at the end of the '60s, when the founder Carlo Cartacci decided to become a designer of the very tube machines he was so used to maneuver. Today, the company supplies complete tube finishing lines. With more than 500 plants put into operation since 1967, Cartacci Tube Machinery is a reliable partner for all tube manufacturers worldwide.

Cartacci Tube Machinery
KRENN GmbH & Co. KG.Neusäß (Schwaben)

KRENN produces innovative cutters that can tackle even the most complicated and challenging cutting problems: steel strapping cutters and threaded rod cutters as well as stationary shears and battery powered steel cutters.

KRENN GmbH & Co. KG.
EUROCARBIDE SrlMalgrate (Provincia di Lecco)

EUROCARBIDE is specialized in designing and manufacturing tools and special equipment in tungsten carbide for wiredrawing and for any other application where a high resistance to fretting corrosion is required; in particular our products are meant for the sectors of cold-deformation of metals and presswork.

Jiangsu Handing Machinery Co., Ltd.Changzhou  (Jiangsu)

Jiangsu Handing Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is a private enterprise that offers new type of machines featuring with high productivity, efficiency and durability for the international wire, cable, special cable and data cable manufacturing industry.

Jiangsu Handing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Assomac Machines Ltd.Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh  ()

The Assomac Group has established itself as one of India’s leading names in the field of wire drawing machines, wire cutting machinery, wire making machinery. The Assomac Group of Companies is an integrated conglomerate of engineering companies engaged in manufacturing all types equipment and the accessories used in making alloy steel, carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel and other non-ferrous...

Assomac Machines Ltd.
UDM SrlZona Industriale B (Provincia di Udine)

Although a young company, UDM packs a big punch when it comes to technology, Innovation and experience. UDM was born with the idea of designing, selling and building cold drawing lines, cold rolling mills and extrusion services for non-ferrous and ferrous materials.

Promills srlUdine (Udine)

Rolling cassettes for cold deformation of the wire section and for compacting strands and cables of steel, aluminum and copper.More than 30 models of cassettes for all types of applications, and in particular for the production of smooth and notched threads for concrete and special profiles (squares, hexagons, triangles, etc.), our laminating cassettes can be used on all kinds of applications and existing drawing...

Promills srl
Gloser Srl Marketing & TechnologyGalliate (Provincia di Novara)

Gloser Marketing & Technology has been a service company and supplier of very reliable machines in the fields of wire and cable since 1999. Gloser always keeps an eye on the world for its customers.Thorough knowledge of the production processes and constant attention to relevant market shifts in engineering and technology allow Gloser to offer the most effective and up-to-date solutions.

Gloser Srl Marketing & Technology
CEIA SpaViciomaggio (Provincia di Arezzo)

CEIA, headquartered in Italy, has been designing and manufacturing equipment and systems for no-contact induction heating for over 30 years. Thanks to its advanced knowledge of the field, CEIA has been creating increasingly compact, reliable devices with optimized design and electrical efficiency of over 95%.

Setic, Pourtier, C2SRoanne (Loire)

SETIC s.a.s. is THE leading supplier specializing in the design and manufacture of high-speed rotating machines for the cable industry. 

Setic, Pourtier, C2S
Ambrosetti  DanieleTorbole Casaglia (Provincia di Brescia)

The company AMBROSETTI DANIELE, distributor and seller of machinery for the wire industry, was founded in 1965 by Daniele Ambrosetti's father Ambrosetti Emilio. AMBROSETTI DANIELE now represents a historic company in the field of wire. 

Ambrosetti Daniele
OSCAMTorino (Città Metropolitana di Torino)

Oscam was founded in 1938 and was the first in the world to create and patent automatic bending machines.

Elestar SrlLeinì (Torino)

Founded in 1995, Elestar is a leading company in the design and manufacture of industrial machines for the metalworking industry. In particular, the Italy-based company specializes in the construction of induction heating systems such as welding machines for carbon steel and stainless steel tubes and pipes. Wherever you are located, the Elestar team will be able to reach you to provide technical assistance and spare...

Elestar Srl
Lampar SrlMonza (Provincia di Monza e della Brianza)

Since 1985 Lampar manufactures carbon brushes of any type and dimension for electrical machines, using raw carbon materials from a German supplier.

Lampar Srl
OMF Officina Meccanica Frigerio SRLCesana Brianza (Lecco)

The Officina Meccanica Frigerio S.R.L. has always dealt with the drawing sector. Our technical expertise, combined with the proximity of the needs of the thread mills and the ISO 9001: 2000 certification, has allowed us to specialize in: scaling machines, orbiting brushes, rotary die-holders, scrap winder....  

OMF Officina Meccanica Frigerio SRL
TECNOPRESS srlValmadrera (Provincia di Lecco)

Tecnopress operates in the wire processing industry and is the ideal partner for both screws and bolts producers and fasteners machinery manufacturers. The company offers a wide range of servo-devices to assist cold and hot forming machines in their job, while also providing revamping and overhauling services.

FUHR GmbH & Co. KGD-32839 Steinheim ()

Based in Germany, FUHR develops highly specialized wire rolling machines for the widest range of industrial applications, such as automotive, energy and utilities, construction, consumer goods, medical engineering and production technology.

FUHR GmbH & Co. KG
August Strecker GmbH & Co. KGLimburg (Lahn)

For 80 years, AUGUST STRECKER GmbH & Co. KG has been a specialist in the development and production of butt welding machines for almost any application in the wire and cable industry. The production range includes machines for butt welding solid wires, flat conductors, rings, chain links, stranded wires and conductors as well as special parts. The most frequently requested materials include steel alloys as well...

August Strecker GmbH & Co. KG
Eurotek SrlLanciano (Provincia di Chieti)

Eurotek is a brand that refers to a long tradition in the industry of extrusion technology, manufacturing and R&D.

Eurotek Srl
Sirio WireVaredo (Provincia di Monza e della Brianza)

Sirio Wire is an Italy-based company specializing in wire surface treatment plants. Founded in 1998 from the patnership of two long-standing companies (Sirio srl and M+E srl), Sirio Wire is now an established brand name in the field of surface processing lines for a variety of industries, such as construction, aerospace, energy, and automotive.

Sirio Wire
BeW Tecnologia Italiana SrlBuja (Provincia di Udine)

BeW Tecnologia Italiana represents the ideal synthesis of a decade-long experience in electromechanical constructions...

BeW Tecnologia Italiana Srl
TechnopartnerBrembate (Provincia di Bergamo)

Technopartner was established in 1994, quickly becoming a point of reference for the supply of fasteners, equipment, and components for electronics and mechanics. Technopartner is not a simple supplier but an all-around partner: cutting-edge products at competitive prices are topped off by valuable technical assistance and support for designing and developing new applications.

PS Costruzioni Meccaniche srlAgrate Brianza (Monza e Brianza)

Founded in 1960 by Stefano Parma, PS Costruzioni Meccaniche is a world leader in packaging solutions for the wire and cable industry. More than sixty years of innovation-driven activity translate into consolidated industry experience...

PS Costruzioni Meccaniche srl
Pogliani SrlCosta Masnaga (Provincia di Lecco)

Pogliani Srl is a top-class partner in the field of brooms and industrial brushes. The Italy-based company provides quality products and efficient services by collaborating with the best producers of semifinished products.

Pogliani Srl
Sabe Forni SrlCordignano (Provincia di Treviso)

Sabe Forni produces continuous and static plants suitable for different types of heat treatments for metals with controlled atmosphere of high quality and efficiency.The professionalism and competence of Sabe Forni creates customized solutions for each customer, responding to the demands of the traditional metallurgical sector, but also of companies in different markets.

Sabe Forni Srl
SP di Piovan Silvano Sas & C.Pernumia (Padova)

Silvano Piovan is a specialized supplier in cold forging tools for screw, bolts, nuts and rivets; nut taps and cold forging machineries. The company serve customers following its creeds: quality, lead time and competitive prices.

SP di Piovan Silvano Sas & C.
Carlo Salvi S.p.A.Garlate (Lecco)

Over 3000 CARLO SALVI cold headers are installed throughout the world. This has helped CARLO SALVI become a leading supplier of machines for the fasteners industry. CARLO SALVI offers a comprehensive range of high precision and fast cold forging machines, for wire diameters ranging from 0.8 to 20 mm.

Carlo Salvi S.p.A.
GFR Srl UnipersonaleTrigolo (Provincia di Cremona)

GFR was born in 2007 from the idea of Galloni Francesco, after almost 20 years of experience in one of the most important rolling machines manufacturers.

GFR Srl Unipersonale
Beneri S.p.A.Valmadrera (Provincia di Lecco)

A family run company established in 1958, with 60 years of experience in the sector. According to DIN, Beneri SPA is now considered a world leader in the production of retaining rings and serrated lock washers.

Beneri S.p.A.
EUROLLS Zona Industriale di Attimis (Provincia di Udine)

Eurolls was founded in 1987 by Renato Railz. Our Eurolls Headquarters and other 5 plants are located in the Friuli Region of Northeast Italy. Belonging to the Eurolls Holding Group, are Eurolls Carbide, located in Lombardia and several subsidiaries positioned in Mexico, Brazil and China. The Group currently employs more than 200 people. Since its inception, Eurolls’s activity was concentrated to two different...

Schnell Group SpaColli al Metauro (Pesaro Urbino)

Schnell Group is a multinational reality made up of 13 companies - 7 for machine production, 1 for software programs and 5 for service supply. We have also over 50 agents and importers and as many servicing centres which ensure our presence on major markets.

Schnell Group Spa
Tecnomovint SrlGorlago - 24060 (Bergamo)

Trade and maintenance of equipment, accessories and lifting and handling systems such as ropes, tie rods, chains, bands, pliers, dynamometers, magnets, suction cups, slingers, "C" hooks, radio controls for special equipment.  

Tecnomovint Srl
ATE Applicazioni Termo Elettroniche SrlBrendola (Provincia di Vicenza)

ATE Applications Termo Elettroniche specializes in the design and construction of induction heating and related automation, control and supervision systems.The extensive technical knowledge, design methodologies and research activities allow ATE to offer and implement innovative, reliable and technically advanced solutions that meet the needs of the current market.

ATE Applicazioni Termo Elettroniche Srl
Scleros SpAAnzola d'Ossola (Provincia del Verbano-Cusio-Ossola)

For over 60 years, Scleros has been a symbol of success. Scleros, the first Company in the history of the OMCD Group, is a worldwide manufacturer of customized special equipment in Hard Metal. An Italian Company, it was the first to...

Scleros SpA
Henkel Italia SrlMilano (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

Everything is possible with Henkel. Henkel Adhesives Technologies, the industrial division of the German chemical producer Henkel, sets the standards for the world market and shapes the future. A clever combination of innovative thinking, entrepreneurship, in-depth knowledge of production processes, a customer-oriented approach, and customized solutions - these are the secrets of Henkel's success.

Henkel Italia Srl
RK Project SrlArcore (Milano)

RK Project Srl has been operating for years in a variety of sectors, such as industrial, drawing, twisting, clutching, breakdown, rotating, stranding, skip, and tube machines, presses, transfers, air compressors, turbines, shredding equipment, pressure reducers, transmission components, cogenerators, tri generators, and cold forming.

RK Project Srl
EXAIR CorporationCincinnati (Ohio)

EXAIR Corporation was incorporated in 1983 as a manufacturer of compressed air-operated products to solve problems in industrial plants. Our product line includes Vortex Tubes and applied products utilizing Vortex Tubes, Air Amplifiers, Air Knives, air-operated vacuums, ionizing products for static elimination, and liquid atomizing nozzles for product cooling, coating, cleaning and painting.

EXAIR Corporation
Rivit SrlOzzano Dell'emilia (Province of Bologna)

Rivit Srl, housed in Bologna, is an Italian leading Company for the production and distribution of fixing systems (rivets, rivet nuts, self-clinching, threaded studs, blind bolts, cage nuts, screws, latches), the relevant tools for their application (tools for rivets and inserts, welders) machines for sheet metal working, fixing systems for metal roofing and aluminium frames.

Rivit Srl
Locton Ltd.Hanbury Road, Stoke Prior  (Worcestershire)

LOCTON LTD have been the owners and sole manufacturers of both ‘LOCK ON’ and ‘HUSH’ pulling in dogs since 1992 and have made most of the component parts prior to that since the late 1970s.

Locton Ltd.

Mole Abrasivi Ermoli has been on the abrasives market for over 125 years and the company is now the most experienced Italian grinding wheels manufacturer.The company mainly produces grinding wheels up to diameter 1015, among these products Ermoli Srl also offers diamond tools, filtering fabric and lubricant-coolants. Mole Abrasivi Ermoli Srl also offers a complete grinding consultancy optimizing the choice of all...

Maillefer Extrusion OyVantaa ()

Maillefer is the global leader in wire, cable, pipe and tube production technologies. We offer over 50 technologies and widest services portfolio in the industry to cover nearby 20 applications. From us, you can always get the best technical fit and value – from a single component to a complete factory – to match your lifecycle needs.

Maillefer Extrusion Oy
Heinze & Streng GmbHMengerskirchen ()

For more than 18 years Heinze & Streng has been a reliable service partner and supplier for spare and wear parts for wire and cable machinery, regardless of the brand, and all related machinery, equipment and accessories.

Heinze & Streng GmbH
Calmec Precision LtdMississauga (Ontario)

Established in 1979, CALMEC is a Canadian machinery manufacturer providing tailored Engineered Armouring Solutions. Calmec specializes in process driven equipment for the continuous roll forming of metallic strip, and the application of metallic and non-metallic tapes, to produce flexible conduit and pipes over electrical cables, hoses, and as components of deep sea umbilical’s.

Calmec Precision Ltd
Ronchi-ils LubrificantiCarate Brianza (Monza and Brianza)

Ronchi-ils is an authorized distributor of Castrol Industrial for the Metalworking sector. Since 2012 Ronchi-ils is also an Italian distributor of Castrol OFFSHORE Subsea products of the Transaqua and Brayco Micronic series. Castrol is able to cover all the needs of lubrication for the metal industry: neat cutting and forming oils, emulsifying oils, machine lubricating oils, special greases, quenching oils,...

Ronchi-ils Lubrificanti
Tramev SrlCesana Brianza (Lecco)

TRAMEV proposes itself to producers of metal wire, wire ropes and yarn derivatives, both as a supplier of new or special standard accessories, and as a partner for the solution of technical problems, with a spirit of collaboration to reach in tune with the customer the quantitative and qualitative improvement of production.

Tramev Srl
GMP - SlovakiaPribeník (Trebišov District)

GMP Slovakia is worldwide leader in the production of steel reels, drums and handling equipments. The manufacturing department is located in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe, very close European customers but also to extra European customers thanks to the closeness to the main international seaports

GMP - Slovakia
LEDICA SrlRozzano (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

The story of LE.DI.CA. Srl Automatic Welding Systems begins with the entrepreneur Mr. Leone Francesco. After working for years in the welding field, Mr. Leone decided to put the experience acquired to good use and in 1980 he set up his own company, C.R.I.S., specializing in the design and development of innovative welding systems. The company later developed into LE.DI.CA in 1989.

SPF Essepieffe SrlMartinsicuro (Teramo)

The company SPF, with great experience on a European level, is specialized in delivering vanguard solutions for industrial coding.The history of this company begins in 1987. In 20 years its founder, Mr. Leo Ferrari, transformed the company from a little distributor, to a producer of tagging systems for identification.

SPF Essepieffe Srl


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