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Vision Engineering Ltd.Cinisello Balsamo (Milano)

Vision Engineering Ltd is a global leading-edge manufacturer of unique ergonomic stereo microscopes and non-contact measuring systems. Since its formation in 1958, Vision Engineering has become one of the world's most innovative and dynamic microscope manufacturers, with offices across Europe, Asia and North America, as well as a fully trained global distribution network.

Vision Engineering Ltd.
OMAG di Affri Davide & C. s.a.s.Induno Olona (Varese)

Since 1954 AFFRI has been a manufacturer of Hardness Testing Instruments, System, Software, and Accessories used to evaluate the mechanical properties of metals, springs, plastics, composites, textiles, ceramics, rocks, rubber, biomedical products, natural and adhesives.

OMAG di Affri Davide & C. s.a.s.
SEPAM Smart Automation TechnologiesCivate (Lecco)

SEPAM provides "turnkey" automation systems, regulation and control equipment, supervision and process equipment management. In addition to this, SEPAM is the ideal partner for companies which need support in the interaction with their ERP systems. According to the SEPAM business philosophy, customer service should not be reduced solely to the sale of a product, but should be developed and structured as a process...

SEPAM Smart Automation Technologies
Inoptim SrlLecco (Lecco)

Inoptim collaborates with companies to understand the most efficient way to make a product, reducing waste and optimizing the production process to the maximum.

Inoptim Srl
AxindLecco (Lecco)

Axind helps companies in their development by offering solutions that cover all departments using the technologies best suited to the environment in which it is operating. Axind offers products perfectly meeting requirements of integration and flexibility, and allow companies to efficiently and effectively make use of all the resources, so that they can make a contribution of intelligence and know-how.

RAD-CON, IncLakewood ()

Bell-Type Furnaces with 100% Hydrogen Atmosphere + Optimization SoftwareRAD-CON Inc. supplies capital equipment and software, along with related services, to manufacturers in need of a high-quality batch annealing process that is part of their manufacturing of hot and cold reduced strip and wire metal coils. RAD-CON specializes in bell-type batch annealing furnaces (BAF) that use a protective atmosphere of 100%...

UDM SrlZona Industriale B (Provincia di Udine)

Although a young company, UDM packs a big punch when it comes to technology, Innovation and experience. UDM was born with the idea of designing, selling and building cold drawing lines, cold rolling mills and extrusion services for non-ferrous and ferrous materials.

SME UP S.p.A.Erbusco (BS)

Informatic solution to support companies business. Proposing business solutions and related IT, Sme.UP grants the best solution in terms of efficiency to its customers, coming from its 25-year of experience in the field.

SEI SISTEMI s.r.l.Imola (Bologna)

The SEI SISTEMI is the result of decades of experience in the design and construction of industrial automation and the experience gained in creating systems for supervision and acquisition of customizable data.SEI SISTEMI collaborates with the leading manufacturers and users of plants and machines, designing and implementing specific automation solutions for the resolution of automation, regulation and control...

iba dealer italy Pavia di Udine (Udine)

iba dealer italy: iba ag arrives in Italy, presenting a series of hardware and software dedicated to the world of process control. The main target is to foreseen to the end users and to companies, who design and manufacture the machineries and production lines, some products dedicated to: Staff Quality Manager; Staff Production Manager; Personnel for electrical and mechanical maintenance.

iba dealer italy
Regg Inspection SrlGorgonzola (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

Regg Inspection designs and manufactures high quality inspections systems with modular design.

Regg Inspection Srl
SEI srl - Servizio Elettronica IndustrialeCivate (Lecco)

Founded in 1985, S.E.I. Srl presents itself in the industrial panorama as an ideal partner for manufacturers and end users, providing solutions for the automation of machines and process plants with a high level of quality.

SEI srl - Servizio Elettronica Industriale
EXAIR CorporationCincinnati (Ohio)

EXAIR Corporation was incorporated in 1983 as a manufacturer of compressed air-operated products to solve problems in industrial plants. Our product line includes Vortex Tubes and applied products utilizing Vortex Tubes, Air Amplifiers, Air Knives, air-operated vacuums, ionizing products for static elimination, and liquid atomizing nozzles for product cooling, coating, cleaning and painting.

EXAIR Corporation
Henkel Italia SrlMilano (Città Metropolitana di Milano)

Everything is possible with Henkel. Henkel Adhesives Technologies, the industrial division of the German chemical producer Henkel, sets the standards for the world market and shapes the future. A clever combination of innovative thinking, entrepreneurship, in-depth knowledge of production processes, a customer-oriented approach, and customized solutions - these are the secrets of Henkel's success.

Henkel Italia Srl
EIB SrlOggiono (Provincia di Lecco)

EIB operates in the electronics and electrical engineering sector, supplying products and services in various divisions such as: panel construction, plant engineering at all levels, hardware and software personalized designs, after-sales assistance and technical assistance for ordinary and extraordinary repairs and maintenance.

STAIN Srl - Partner TecnologicoBrescia (Brescia)

STAIN is a recognised market leader that possesses the specific know-how to develop standard products and major MES solutions in the METAL sector (steel mills, foundries, wire-drawing mills, pipe mills) and theMANUFACTURING sector (automotive, taps and fittings, die-casting, plastic moulding, mechanical workshops, etc.), with batch or job production on automatic machines and using manual...

STAIN Srl - Partner Tecnologico
SPF Essepieffe SrlMartinsicuro (Teramo)

The company SPF, with great experience on a European level, is specialized in delivering vanguard solutions for industrial coding.The history of this company begins in 1987. In 20 years its founder, Mr. Leo Ferrari, transformed the company from a little distributor, to a producer of tagging systems for identification.

SPF Essepieffe Srl
Coding Solutions - Tecnologie per la codifica e l'etichettatura industrialeTorino (Torino)

Coding Solutions has developed leading solutions and expertise to advise and always provide customers with the best products in the field of industrial marking and labeling. Encoders – Ink Jet – Micro-percussion – High definition ink jet – Direct heat transfer printing – Vision systems – Label printers – Barcode – Automatic label and tags applicators – RFI...

Coding Solutions - Tecnologie per la codifica e l'etichettatura industriale
NDC TechnologiesDayton (Ohio)

The Beta LaserMike line of measurement and control solutions from NDC Technologies is designed to increase productivity, improve product quality, and reduce manufacturing costs...

NDC Technologies
AEROEL SrlPradamano (Udine)

AEROEL: Laser Technology offers Benefits in Many Industrial Process. Due to their non contact measurement capability, Aeroel Lasers can be applied in a fast, precise, and efficient manner to a variety of industrial processes. From wire drawing to mechanical component grinding, the laser optic technology assures consistent, objective and accurate results over traditional techniques.

Zumbach Electronic AGOrpund ( )

ZUMBACH ELECTRONICS is one of the leading manufacturer of in-line measuring, monitoring and control systems for the wire and cable industry, (from wire drawing to fiber optics, including extrusion of insulation and jackets), for plastic extrusion lines (mono filaments, catheter, tubing, pipe or profiles) and for the metal industry (hot and cold rolling, continuous casting, turning, grinding, polishing to QC...

Zumbach Electronic AG
IABG mbHOttobrunn ()

We qualify your springs: from development to actual qualification, IABG mbH offers you aggregate services from a single source for the testing of springs, sway bars and other automotive components. We build your test benches: IABG mbH designs and builds test benches for several applications.

MANENTIMACCHINE SrlGussago (Provincia di Brescia)

MANENTIMACCHINE SRL is currently the official Importer of the European Community (2006/42/CE) for HTC and for HSI currently for the entire European Market. 

EASYDUR SrlArcisate (Varese)

For over 20 years, Renato Affri's EASYDUR Italiana deals with the design and production of measuring and control instruments to perform tests of: compression, traction, torsion, hardness, material testing, image analysis. We are specialized for testing springs of any kind as well as on various materials. The program is based on windows xp with statistics and certificates in Excel. Our strength is the great...

Microstudio SrlBesnate (Varese)

For over 25 years our company has been developing and producing high-level electronic instruments for the industry: the first camera for measuring the length of the springs applied on fast wrapping machines, was installed by our company in 1988 (then the company was called ELP )...

Microstudio Srl
Foerster Italia SrlGaggiano (Milano)

FOERSTER provides the best technology, quality and most comprehensive product range for non-destructive testing, metal detection and magnetics. The worldwide presence of our group of companies provides local qualified support for the customer.

Foerster Italia Srl
FASTDEV Carate Brianza (Provincia di Monza e della Brianza)

FASTDEV is the italian company leader in IT solutions for Fasteners. We are a software company that develops specific applications for the mechanical industry, with high experience in Fasteners. 

WeighpackThe Hague (The Netherlands)

Weighpack is a specialist in development and production of inspection and weighing machines as well as complete packaging lines for technical products. Since many years Weighpack International is providing heavy duty and high quality packaging lines, therefore our machines guarantee reliability and safety. We know how important flexibility is, and so we always construct flexible custom made machines.



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