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A closer look at ABS departments: Quality

Published: - 27/04/2021 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
A closer look at ABS departments: Quality

The inspections carried out by the Internal Quality Department have the purpose of verifying the compliance of ABS products to the customer’s requirements.

The ABS Testing Department is in charge of performing non-destructive tests (NDT) on all the material produced before shipment. The checks are aimed at defining the internal integrity of the products by means of manual or automatic ultrasound (UT) testing; as well as the surface integrity through magnetic particle (MT), eddy current (ET), liquid penetrant (PT), through transmission (TT), or visual (VT) testing. In addition, positive material identification checks (PMI) are also performed. The staff is qualified according to recognized international standards (ISO 9712, SNT-TC1A).

The ABS laboratory is in charge of the acceptance inspection control of the purchased material. If necessary, it is also responsible for reporting any issues of non-compliance, as well as checking the compliance of the ABS product and its certification.
Chemical analysis and other tests to define mechanical and metallographic characteristics are carried out on pieces coming directly from the production lines.
Each batch is then accompanied by a matching certificate with all the measured requirements before the shipping endorsement.

Last but not least, the laboratory also performs in-line controls of the steel and refining slag composition during production.

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The steel making company ABS was established in 1988, by the merging of two well-known Italian steel companies, Officine Bertoli and Acciaierie Safau. Ever since its inception, ABS has been focusing on technological innovation and sustainability.