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A closer look at ABS departments: the Environment Office

Published: - 13/10/2020 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
A closer look at ABS departments: the Environment Office

In a nutshell, the primary purpose of the Environment Office is to supervise that all activities in ABS are carried out in full respect of nature. But that's just scratching the surface! This special department is also involved in sustainability projects and certifications, such as ISO14001 (Environmental Management System), LCA (Life Cycle Analysis of ABS products), as well as differentiation of paper, plastic, and recoverable materials.

The office monitors that tasks such as collection of waste - and subsequent storage and loading operations - are fulfilled daily. Furthermore, it also runs environmental, water, and atmospheric emissions analyses and self-checks. More in general, the Environment Office ensures that everything is fully compliant with regulations provided by IEA (Integrated Environmental Authorization).

ABS Steelworks has devoted considerable efforts and resources to protect the environment and is proud to promote a long-lasting and effective collaboration with the surrounding territory.

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The steel making company ABS was established in 1988, by the merging of two well-known Italian steel companies, Officine Bertoli and Acciaierie Safau. Ever since its inception, ABS has been focusing on technological innovation and sustainability.