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Italian Wire Machinery Association: the most promising fairs and markets of the year

Published: - 16/11/2017 Author: C. Ripamonti, Trainee
Italian Wire Machinery Association: the most promising fairs and markets of the year

In April 2017 we interviewed the President of Acimaf (Italian Wire Machinery Manufacturers Association) Ferruccio Bellina and we discussed with him about the fairs of the year.
From January to October the calendar of 2017 was filled with international meetings for industries working in this field. And a few are scheduled for the last months of the year.
From Russia to the US, from Thailand to Brazil, many Italian member companies of Acimaf took a flight to meet their foreign clients or new potential customers and possibly to develop business opportunities in other countries.

In June the wire fair in Russia took place, which was confidently expected from the operators in this field thanks to the improval of economic conditions and strengthening of the ruble. How was the show?
The participation of Italian companies, organized in an Italian Pavilion, has been positive. The feedback was good, also in comparison with two years ago. A meeting organized with ICE (Italian Institute for International Commerce) and with local operators was particularly appreciated. In this occasion we were joined by an important personality of the Russian industry, Professor Peshkov, CEO of VNIIKP, Russian Scientific and Research Institute of the Cable Industry.

Just before Moscow, in May there was Interwire, organized by Wire Association International in Atlanta, US.
Yes, in this occasion we couldn’t organize an Acimaf group for several reasons.
Anyway, many Italian factories participated individually, and our impression was that the fair and the market’s conditions were good. In the 2019 edition we intend to have an Italian dedicated zone with Acimaf member companies.

Between the end of September and the beginning of October, two fairs of the wire circuit took place: the first one in Brazil, the latter in Thailand.
wire Southeast Asia in Bangkok has been a complete success, both in term of exposure and visits. I noticed a consistent recovery in the last two years; companies that participated collected many contacts, also from Thailand's surroundings.
Talking about wire South America in São Paulo, the participation was limited, mainly due to the crisis that hit the country, which is luckily coming to an end. On the other way the biggest clients were there. Unfortunately nowadays the custom duties are a big obstacle for European producers.

Next important event will be in December: it is Iran Wire, the 4th edition, the first one with Messe Düsseldorf's participation. What do you aspect from this event?
The Iranian market is interesting for Italian companies. In this fair we will have an Italian Pavilion. We hope that the international situation and the political crisis in Iran won’t affect the big work we've been doing for years to establish partnerships and links to the local industry.

All in all, 2017 has been a challenging year for Acimaf and for the Italian wire and cable industry.
Yes, and after the Iran show everyone will begin the preparations for the the wire fair in Düsseldorf, scheduled for April. It will be a record event, both in terms of exhibiting space and participating companies. Many exhibitors asked for a bigger stand. Obviously we hope that the fair will reach also a record in the visitor numbers! After Düsseldorf, in the second half of 2018 we will be with ICE at the fairs of Shanghai and Mumbai with an Italian pavilion.

How are the Italian companies in the field doing?

Last years have been very hard and many enterprises have been absorbed or disappeared. The strongest and more export oriented companies are still on the market.
Nowadays, the international recovery allows us to look optimistically towards the future.