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Automatic machine with double spindle four wire simultaneously. Made by Angeli

Published: - 27/04/2011 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
Automatic machine with double spindle four wire simultaneously. Made by Angeli.fastedevEASY OPERATION AND GREAT VERSATILIY. Angeli's machines are made up of two units: the first one manufactures the fence and the second coils it. In the first unit the two spindle form the spires (2 spires in mod. MG2, 4 spires in mod. MG4) and braid them, thus getting the single-twist square mesh fence. Model MG4 is the only machine in this field which is able to process 4 wires simultaneously, at the desired braiding speed, thus offering an unskilled operator the possibility of working with even 2 wires only, in order to help training. The spindles are driven by an asynchronous motor, having a high torque and speed electronic control. This motor allows to match the spindle speed with the type of wire used. In the second unit, called coiler, the fence sliding on control rollers is processed at the edges by the two closing mechanisms and, always by the rollers, reaches the sector where the rolls are prepared. The coiler is preset for preparing both the normal and the compact rolls. The telescopic arms, which let the wire coming from the spools in the machine, are provided with wire fault-detecting devices, for example: - end of wire in the spool; - knots in the wire; - uncoated wire; - etc.