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For sale: second hand complete wire mesh sheathing line

Published: - 10/09/2014 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
For sale: second hand complete wire mesh sheathing line

A second-hand complete line for sheathing wire mesh with PVC is for sale.
The line consists of various components, from net stretchers to heating furnaces, from polymerization units to mesh cooling units.

It is composed of the following components:

Line for loading, reel-off and storage of welded mesh
It consists of a structure on which the roll is placed to allow its reel-off; to facilitate the operations of the roll loading, the structure is also equipped with a waiting point in which the roll is placed while the reel-off of the previous one is completed; a maximum diameter of 1200 mm roll can fit in the structure. The loading operation must be carried out with a suitable lifting equipment (cranes or a pallet truck); loading operations are manual, as well as the junction of two rolls and this must be made with the aid of special clip devices. The line is completed by a storage area in order to facilitate the operator in charge of the loading and the junction of the rolls.

Device for the net stretching
This device stretches the net so that it can maintain the correct position while entering the various sections of the line; the stretching intensity can be adapted to the different mesh types (regarding to the diameter of the wire used and the width of the net and of the mesh).

Bath for the pretreatment with primer
The first phase of the cycle of the mesh coating is constituted by the immersion of the mesh into an aqueous solution of primer; to this  purpose there is a bath (picture 4), that has got a roller under which the net slides.

Preheating furnace
This furnace is used to preheat the mesh; here the use of radiant tubes is much quicker and it needs less room in comparison to the use of  hot air. The furnace is linked to a natural draught chimney. The control system of the temperature is completely automatic through a PID  controller. Each radiant tube has got its own ignition system and flame detection. The radiant tubes are provided with a recovery system to   allow energy saving as the combustion air is preheated by the exhaust emissions before their ejection. Moreover, using radiant tubes, inside  the furnace you can’t find exhaust emissions because they are channeled into a special separate collector connected to the chimney.

Fluidized bed tank
The fluidized bed tank is completely made of stainless steel: it is the heart of the system for the coating of the net. Before entering the bed,  the air required for the fluidization of the bed (given by a specific electric fan unit) passes through a cooling and dehumidification terminal in order to maintain the bed at the right temperature; the tank is equipped with special valves for regulating the flow of fluid in order to allow its  adaptation to different working conditions. For the right level of PVC powder, the tank is equipped with an automatic hopper load system  controlled by a level sensor.

More informations, pictures and specifications are included in the technical sheet available for download here.

If you wish to contact the seller, please call:
+39 0881 539056 - Filippo Mantuano