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Private Expo in Paris: 15-16 November, Baudrand New Tech-MAX-BUCH

Published: - 30/10/2017 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Private Expo in Paris: 15-16 November, Baudrand New Tech-MAX-BUCH

Baudrand New Tech is very glad to introduce its private exhibition which will take place on November 15th and 16th, in the premises of FRANCE MACHINES-OUTILS, only 10 minutes by car away from Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport in France.

On this occasion the company will show following spring making equipment:

> One wire and strip bending machine BUCH type DCM 200, fitted with a CNC-press of 25 tons, as well as with a numerically controlled feeding. The tooling mounted onto it is presented thanks to the courtesy of the company ITW.
> One MAX type CR 23 for the production of torsion, double-torsion, extension, as well as special compression springs and wire forms. With dedicated tooling, this machine will as well process strip and shaped wires. Wire sizes (spring steel): 0.3 – 2.3 mm.
> One MAX type CR 45, same as the previous one, for wire sizes ranging from 1.5 – 4.5 mm.
> One MAX type CR 65, same as the previous one, for wire sizes ranging from 3.0 – 6.5 mm.
> Depending on the interest shown by visitors before the exhibition date, one MAX type WB 60-8A, for the production of big size wire forms, ranging from 2 – 6 mm (mild steel), or 2 – 4 mm (spring steel).

All these production means will be shown in production, some of them set on very different parts, made with same tooling.

The models CR 45 and CR 65 are shown for the first time in Europe.

The CR 23 has become a bestseller. Some spring manufacturers order several models of such coiler - bender each year.

The exhibition is an exceptional event, gathering on a same location, very easy to access from many European places, some of the best-deal production equipment you can find in Europe to date.

The customers' return on investment is what Baudrand New Tech mostly cares about.

Visitors may as well take profit of their time-investment for witnessing, in the premises of FRANCE MACHINES-OUTILS (FMO), more than 100 new machines under power.
First machinery dealer in France, offering more than 2000 items on stock, available on 3 locations in France, over more than 20.000 square meters of covered areas, FMO displays in its Paris-show-room more than 100 new machines and 200 second-hands.
Types are going from laser, water, plasma cutters, to traditional metal working machines: lathes, turning centers, grinders, drilling and milling machines, as well as presses, bending and cutting machines, etc.

For the good organization, the Baudrand New Tech team would be extremely thankful if you could inform in advance about your expected visiting schedule, by clicking on this link: REGISTER HERE >>