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Bongard: second-hand wire and cable machines for sale

Published: - 28/06/2020 Author: Simonati, Programming office
Bongard: second-hand wire and cable machines for sale

Browse Bongard's July acquisitions regarding second-hand wire and cable processing machinery and equipment: insulation lines, drawing blocks, stranders and more.

The German BONGARD MACHINES GMBH & CO. KG has been specialising in purchasing and selling used equipment, from single machines to complete manufacturing plants, since 1959.


ROSENDAHL RE1.30 / RE1.45 core insulation line


up to now used for: PE, PP, PUR, TPE, PVC, Megalon, Radox
cable Ø min: 1.2 mm
cable Ø min: 12 mm
cross section of core: 0,25 - 6,0 mm²

consisting of:

cooling trough
ROSENDAHL double spooler
BETA MCS 280 pre-heater
ROSENDAHL RE 1.45.24 extruder
ROSENDAHL RE 1.30.24 extruder


ROSENDAHL core insulation line


screw Ø: 60 mm
screw length: 24 D
examples of production:
up to now used for:
cabel-Ø max.: 13,0 mm
wall thicknes: 0,8 - 3,0 mm
production speed max.:150 m/min

consisting of:

ROSENDAHL TW 1601-A pay-off
ROSENDAHL PTS 800/2/2 dancer
ROSENDAHL DSA 800 double haul-off capstan
SWISSCAB spinner
ROSENDAHL RE 1.60.24 extruder
KS 35/4A pull-out cooling trough
KS 35/3 cooling trough
KSU 35/50/800/0 Umlenkkühlbecken
SIKORA diameter controller
SIKORA lump detector
ROSENDAHL DSA 800 double haul-off capstan
ROSENDAHL PTS 800/2/2 dancer
ROSENDAHL BA 800 haul-off capstan
ROSENDAHL TW 1601 take-up


SPIRKA DF 16A braider


suitable for: for CU, AL and steel wire, textile and Plastic yars as well as Fiberglass
wire Ø max: 0.3 mm
no. of pay-off bobbins: 16


SWISSCAB LCE 110 Semi tight buffering extrusion line


up to now used for: fiber Optic tubes
screw Ø: 25 mm
screw length: 24 D
speed max: 200 m/min

consisting of:

SWISSCAB LCF 110 Spulenabwickler mit Einfärbemaschine
SWISSCAB ES 25-24 extruder
SWISSCAB BR 10 Teleskop-Kühlrinne
SWISSCAB BR 10 cooling trough
SWISSCAB BR 10 Lufttrocknung
diameter controller
ZUMBACH lump detector
SWISSCAB SMT Zugkraftmessung
SWISSCAB SC 250 haul-off capstan
SWISSCAB SBD 630 double spooler


FRIGERIO RT 600R straight-line wire drawing machine


up to now used for: high carbon steel wire up to 0,8% Carbon
inlet wire Ø max: 6.5 mm
drawing capstan Ø: 600 mm
speed max: 20 m/s

consisting of:

MARSHALL RICHARDS BARCRO coiler with drawing die
single spooler


FRIGERIO RT 56/8 + RT 46/3 straight-line wire drawing machine

up to now used for: steel wire
no. of dies: 11
inlet wire Ø max: 5.5 mm
finished wire Ø min: 1.3 mm
drawing capstan Ø: 8x560/3x450 mm

consisting of:

FRIGERIO pay-off
FRIGERIO BE 80 single spooler
FRIGERIO AVT 60 coiler


KOCH KHZ 15000 horizontal drawing block


drawing force: 15000 kg
finished wire Ø max: 28 mm
drawing capstan Ø: 900 mm
examples of production: wire-Ø with 450 N/mm² = max 28 mm
wire-Ø with 600 N/mm² = max 25 mm
wire-Ø with 850 N/mm² = max 22 mm


NIEHOFF MM 85.12.2.AF13 2-wire rod break down line

no. of wires: 2
no. of dies: 13
inlet wire Ø max: 8 mm
finished wire Ø max: 4.5 mm
finished wire Ø min: 1 mm

consisting of:

NIEHOFF R 500.2 continuous annealer
NIEHOFF MAG 410 dancer
NIEHOFF MAG 410 dancer
HERBORN SLG 1000 single spooler
HERBORN SLG 1000 single spooler


NIEHOFF MMH121.E2.1.A.14.2618 multiwire drawing machine


no. of wires: 14
inlet wire Ø max: 2.59 mm
examples of production: inlet wire Ø max. 14 x 2.59 mm (14 x 10 AWG)
finished wire Ø min. 14 x 0.32 mm (14 x 28 AWG)
finished wire Ø max. 14 x 0.812 mm (20 AWG)
finished wire Ø max. 7 x 1.219 mm (16 1/2 AWG)

consisting of:

NIEHOFF RM301.1.R.14.7000 continuous annealer
NIEHOFF WVS 801.2.E.A bundle packer
NIEHOFF WSV 801.2.E.A bundle packer


NIEHOFF MMh 101.E1.1.A.07.F 25 multiwire drawing machine


up to now used for: Cu, bare and tinned
no. of wires: 7
inlet wire Ø max: 1.8 mm
finished wire Ø max: 0.454 mm
finished wire Ø min: 0.15 mm

consisting of:

NIEHOFF VG 30 M.3W12.1500 continuous annealer
NIEHOFF S 630.2.F.3.E spooler


HENRICH fine wire drawing machine


up to now used for: Al and Al alloys
inlet wire Ø max: 3 mm
finished wire Ø max: 0.6 mm
finished wire Ø min: 0.15 mm

consisting of:

HENRICH single spooler


NIEHOFF M 350 fine wire drawing machine


up to now used for: Al and Al alloys
no. of dies: 21
inlet wire Ø max: 2.24 mm
finished wire Ø max: 0.4 mm
finished wire Ø min: 0.15 mm

consisting of:

NIEHOFF single spooler


WAFIOS compl. nail production


consisting of:
WAFIOS N 41 nail press
WAFIOS N 51 nail press
WAFIOS N 90 highspeed nail press
WAFIOS N 90 highspeed nail press
SASPI RV-6H thread rolling machine
cleaning drum for nails
cleaning drum for nails


HENRICH tinning line


up to now used for: Cu wire
suitable for: for tinning of copper wire
wire Ø max: 2.75 mm
tin layer: 1 - 12 µm
feeding speed max: 200 m/min

consisting of:

CEFILAC spooler
BONGARD STN 800 coiler


M + E NMG25 + SP380 fine wire drawing machine


up to now used for: patented and brass coated high carbon steel wire with 0,9% C
no. of dies: 25
inlet wire Ø max: 1.4 mm
finished wire Ø min: 0.08 mm

consisting of:

M + E SP 380 single spooler


KOCH / HERBORN KGT800/1 + 600/12 straight-line wire drawing machine


no. of dies: 14
inlet wire Ø max: 6 mm
finished wire Ø min: 1.25 mm
drawing capstan Ø: Block 1: 600 mm / Block 2: 450 mm / Block 3-14: 340 mm
speed max: 20 m/s

consisting of:

HERBORN-BREITENBACH SP-V-30/15-8 single spooler
STENGER coiler


VITARI NR 231 wire straightening and cutting machine


wire Ø min: 5 mm
wire Ø max: 12 mm
speed max: 130 m/min
outlet table length: 12000 mm


SCHLATTER PG 24.1/12C mesh welding line


suitable for: welding of Gabions, industrial fence and mesh
line wire Ø min: 3 mm
line wire Ø max: 6 mm
mesh width max: 2500 mm


SETIC 675 PQ Four stars - stranding line


suitable for: Twinning, Tripling and Quadding of flexible insulated conductors
Twinning, Trippling and Quadding of solid insulated conductors
spool flange Ø max: 630 mm
conductor Ø max: 2.4 mm

consisting of:



FRISCH 300 Loose Tube SZ stranding line for FOC


up to now used for: fiber optic cable
suitable for: stranding of 5 to 12 fiber optic loose tube with Ø 1,1 - 4,0 mm
lay length min: 60 mm
lay length max: 500 mm

consisting of:

DELACHAUX spool pay-off
FRISCH Central pay off
SWISSCAB DFO355R pay-off
MAILLEFER Chenille UA2 haul-off caterpillar
FRISCH take-up


SKET SRW 12 x 160 tubular strander


total no. of bobbins: 12
spool flange Ø max: 160 mm
single wire Ø min: 0.19 mm
single wire Ø max: 0.35 mm
lay length max: 19.2 mm

consisting of:

SKET take-up


BONGARD KW-650 TK static coiler


suitable for: for coiling of insulated conductors with cross section of 10 - 35 mm²
Ø of coiling capstan: 655 mm
barrel outside Ø: 800 mm
speed max: 1000 m/min


KOCH KGT 2500/1 - 1600/2 straight-line wire drawing machine


up to now used for: low carbon wire
no. of dies: 3
inlet wire Ø max: 10 mm
finished wire Ø min: 4 mm
drawing capstan Ø: 1x700 2x600 mm

consisting of:

KOCH KHS 1000 single spooler


BONGARD CU-C 480 static coiler


up to now used for: Cu wire
material Ø max: 1 mm
Ø of coiling capstan: 480 mm
barrel outside Ø: 585 mm


SKET 36x560 cage strander with backtwist


up to now used for: steel wire
total no. of bobbins: 36
spool flange Ø max: 560 mm
cage revolutions: 60 min⁻¹
final rope Ø max: 25 mm

consisting of:

SKET haul-off capstan
SKET take-up
steel spool


BEKAERT RTA hexagonal mesh weaving machine


wire Ø min: 0.7 mm
wire Ø max: 1 mm
pitch max: 25 mm
weaving width max: 3000 mm

consisting of:

BEKAERT double take-up
BEKAERT take-up


EUROLLS BW 1 butt welding machine


up to now used for: low carbon wire
wire Ø min: 2 mm
wire Ø max: 10 mm



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