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Bongard welcomes two highly qualified former Ernst Koch GmbH engineers

Published: - 13/01/2020 Author: Simonati, Programming office
Bongard welcomes two highly qualified former Ernst Koch GmbH engineers

Bongard Machines Gmbh is proud to announce two new additions to its team:

- Mr. Joachim Koch - PLC Program Specialist;
- Mr. Björn Manke - Head of the electrical department.

Thanks to Mr. Manke and Mr. Koch, former Ernst Koch GmbH & CO KG engineers, Bongard Machines will be now able to offer technical assistance on your Ernst Koch systems, as well as mechanical and electrical retrofits.

The Germany-based BONGARD MACHINES GMBH & CO. KG has been specialising in purchasing and selling used equipment, from single machines to complete manufacturing plants, since 1959. Coilers, mesh welding lines and stranders: hereunder the company's latest acquisitions as regards second-hand wire and cable processing machinery and equipment.


NIEHOFF MM 85.12.2.AF13 2 wire rod break down line


no. of wires: 2
no. of drafts: 13
inlet wire Ø max: 8 mm
examples of production: 2 x 8 mm = 1,00 mm - 2,2 mm
1 x 8 mm = 1,00 mm - 4,5 mm
Until now in production for 8 mm to 1,04 mm - 1,83 mm

consisting of:
NIEHOFF R 500.2 continuous annealer
NIEHOFF MAG 410 dancer
NIEHOFF MAG 410 dancer
HERBORN SLG 1000 single spooler
HERBORN SLG 1000 single spooler


HERBORN-BREITENBACH M-3.R/4+G-4.0/8 straight-line wire drawing machine


suitable for: drawing of low carbon and steel wire
no. of drafts: 8
inlet wire Ø max: 2.6 mm
finished wire Ø min: 0.8 mm
motor power: 8 x 15 kW

consisting of:
single spooler


SCHLATTER PG 24.1/12C mesh welding line


suitable for: welding of Gabions, industrial fence and mesh
line wire Ø min: 3 mm
line wire Ø max: 6 mm
mesh width max: 2500 mm


BONGARD KW-650 TK static coiler


suitable for: Wickeln von isolierten Leitungen mit einem Querschnitt von 10,0 - 35 mm²
Ø of coiling capstan: 655 mm
barrel outside Ø: 800 mm
speed max: 1000 m/min


HERBORN MO-25/1+GV16/6 straight-line wire drawing machine


up to now used for: low carbon and high carbon steel wire
no. of drafts: 6
inlet wire Ø max: 5.5 mm
finished wire Ø min: 2 mm
drawing capstan Ø: 1 x 600 / 5 x 550 mm

consisting of:
HERBORN-BREITENBACH SH 800 single spooler


ATLAS COPCO GA 1107.5 compressor


pressure max: 7.5 bar
capacity: 20160 l/min
motor power: 110 kW


IDEAL VPS 646 double bar mesh welding line


suitable for: for intersection welding of double bar fence mesh
line wire Ø max: 8 mm
cross wire Ø min: 5 mm
cross wire Ø max: 6 cm
mesh length max: 2500 mm

consisting of:
IDEAL pad stacker


SAMP TR/4-SV intermediate wire drawing machine


up to now used for: Cu
no. of wires: max/min 32/12
inlet wire Ø max: 1.65 mm
finished wire Ø max: 0.3 mm
finished wire Ø min: 0.1 mm

consisting of:
SAMP S.G.S.4 continuous annealer
SAMP TE/25-A automatic spooler


NIEHOFF BMV 16.10.1.A rotating braiding machine


suitable for: CU, AL, FE (soft)
no. of pay-off bobbins: 16


FRISCH 300 Loose Tube SZ stranding line for FOC


up to now used for: fiber optic cable
suitable for: stranding of 5 to 12 fiber optic loose tube with Ø 1,1 - 4,0 mm
lay length min: 60 mm
lay length max: 500 mm

consisting of:
DELACHAUX spool pay-off
FRISCH Central pay off
SWISSCAB DFO355R pay-off
MAILLEFER Chenille UA2 haul-off caterpillar
FRISCH take-up


NIEHOFF MMH 101.E2.1.A.16.F21 multiwire drawing machine


no. of wires: 16
no. of drafts: 2 x 21
inlet wire Ø max: 1.8 mm
finished wire Ø min: 0.19 mm

consisting of:
NIEHOFF RM 201.1.R.16.3000 continuous annealer
NIEHOFF VP 100.6 dancer
NIEHOFF SNH 801.1.G.E single spooler


NIEHOFF MMH121.E2.1.A.14.2618 multiwire drawing machine


no. of wires: 14
inlet wire Ø max: 2.59 mm
examples of production: inlet wire Ø max. 14 x 2.59 mm (14 x 10 AWG)
finished wire Ø min. 14 x 0.32 mm (14 x 28 AWG)
finished wire Ø max. 14 x 0.812 mm (20 AWG)
finished wire Ø max. 7 x 1.219 mm (16 1/2 AWG)

consisting of:
NIEHOFF RM301.1.R.14.7000 continuous annealer
NIEHOFF WVS 801.2.E.A bundle packer
NIEHOFF WSV 801.2.E.A bundle packer


FRIGERIO RT 635/9 straight-line wire drawing line


up to now used for: low carbon wire
inlet wire Ø max: 7 mm
finished wire Ø min: 1.4 mm
number of blocks: 9
speed max: 20 m/s

consisting of:
FRIGERIO SVR 200 pay-off with 2 hydraulic pay-off beams
FRIGERIO mechanical descaler
GSG BSG/T dry powder coating
FRIGERIO BU 125 horizontal spooler


NIEHOFF MMh 101.E1.1.A.07.F 25 multiwire drawing machine


up to now used for: Cu, bare and tinned
no. of wires: 7
inlet wire Ø max: 1.8 mm
finished wire Ø max: 0.454 mm
finished wire Ø min: 0.15 mm

consisting of:
NIEHOFF VG 30 M continuous annealer
NIEHOFF S 630.2.F.3.E spooler


NIEHOFF M 450 rod breakdown drawing machine


no. of drafts: 15
inlet wire Ø max: 8 mm
finished wire Ø min: 1 mm
speed max: 40 m/s

consisting of:
NIEHOFF R 500.1.R.2 continuous annealer


IDEAL GA 316 mesh welding line


line wire Ø min: 1.5 mm
line wire Ø max: 8 mm
mesh width max: 1600 mm
no. of welding transformers: 6

additional data:
Line consist of:
automatic line wire feeding system (LDB).
pushing device.
welding machine.
pull out transport.
pull out transport with stamp.
1 x cross wire feeder for bottom wire with magazin (suitable for manufacturing of special double bar fence).
2 x cross wire magazin (suitable for different wire-Ø or cross wire length.
electric cabinet
automatic mesh stapeling device.

line wire feeding: automatic.
mesh weigth max.: 100 kg.
electrode force: 2.500 N.
air preasure: 26 bar.
cooling water consumption: approx. 35 l/min.


IDEAL GA 400/1600 mesh welding line


suitable for: manufacturing of industrial mesh.
up to now in production for welding of cable trays with inline line wire cutting and automatic bending and stapeling with roboter.
line wire Ø min: 3 mm
line wire Ø max: 8 mm
cross wire Ø min: 2 mm

consisting of:
KUKA KR 125L100/2 robot
WEINBRENNER GP 125 mesh bending unit


M + E NMG25 + SP380 fine wire drawing machine


up to now used for: patented and brass coated high carbon steel wire with 0,9% C
no. of drafts: 25
inlet wire Ø max: 1.4 mm
finished wire Ø min: 0.08 mm

consisting of:
M + E SP 380 single spooler


SCHWARTZ WD 120-8-24-115 continuous annealer


up to now used for: CrNi wire
material Ø min: 0.5 mm
material Ø max: 4 mm
annealing temperature: 1.150 °C
no. of wires: 20

consisting of:
ultrasonic cleaning line
KOCH KTWS I coiling line
KOCH KTW II coiling line


EUROLLS BW 1 butt welding machine


up to now used for: low carbon wire
wire Ø min: 2 mm
wire Ø max: 10 mm


WAFIOS R 23 wire straightening and cutting machine


wire Ø min: 1 mm
wire Ø max: 4 mm
speed max: 120 m/min
outlet table length: 1000 mm


BARCRO D 13 rod breakdown drawing machine


up to now used for: Al
no. of drafts: 13
inlet wire Ø max: 9.5 mm
motor power: 150 kW

consisting of:
BARCRO single spooler


KIESELSTEIN Rubin 16/4 + 16/5 straight-line wire drawing machine


up to now used for: Al and Al alloys
suitable for: with modification also suitable for drawing low carbon wire with inlet -Ø 5,5 mm
no. of drafts: 9
inlet wire Ø max: 11 mm
examples of production: Ø11,00 mm - Ø4,0 mm in 9 steps
Ø 6.5 mm - 2.0 mm in 9 steps

consisting of:
SV 1000 single spooler
M300 dancer


BEKAERT RTA hexagonal mesh weaving machine


wire Ø min: 0.7 mm
wire Ø max: 1 mm
pitch max: 25 mm
weaving width max: 3000 mm
take-up: manufacture: Bekaert, mesh width max.: 2.200 mm

consisting of:
BEKAERT double take-up


CORTINOVIS 1+18x250 tubular strander


up to now used for: high carbon steel wire
spool flange Ø max: 250 mm
single wire Ø min: 0.62 mm
single wire Ø max: 0.68 mm
rotor revolutions: 900 min⁻¹

consisting of:
CORTINOVIS double haul-off capstan


SKET 36x560 cage strander with backtwist


up to now used for: steel wire
total no. of bobbins: 36
spool flange Ø max: 560 mm
cage revolutions: 60 min⁻¹
final rope Ø max: 25 mm

consisting of:
SKET haul-off capstan
SKET take-up
steel spool


GSG RWCB 400-3 brush descaler


up to now used for: high carbon steel wire
suitable for: For brush descaling and removal of light rust
wire Ø min: 5.5 mm
wire Ø max: 16 mm

additional data:
Suitable for any wire quality
3 pair of brushes arranged in an offset of 60°.
Special brushing process achieves outstanding surface quality.
Automatically re-adjustment of brushes until complete wearout.
Long lifetime of brushings due to a high efficency degree.
Wire diameter (low carbon) 5,5 - 16,0 mm
Wire diameter (high carbon) 5,5 - 10,0 mm

Line consist of:
mechanical descaling unit (suitable up to Ø 12 mm wire).
Brush descaling unit.
exhausting unit.


KOCH KGT 2500/1 - 1600/2 straight-line wire drawing machine


up to now used for: low carbon wire
no. of drafts: 3
inlet wire Ø max: 10 mm
finished wire Ø min: 4 mm
drawing capstan Ø: 1x700 2x600 mm

consisting of:
KOCH KHS 1000 single spooler


BEKAERT CAZ straight-line wire drawing machine


up to now used for: low carbon wire
no. of drafts: 10
inlet wire Ø max: 6.5 mm
drawing capstan Ø: 5 x 620 / 5 x 450 mm
speed max: 20 m/s

consisting of:
BEKAERT dancer
BEKAERT single spooler


HERBORN T 30 intermediate wire drawing machine


up to now used for: Cu
no. of drafts: 17
inlet wire Ø max: 2.76 mm
finished wire Ø min: 0.25 mm
speed max: 24.6 m/s

consisting of:
NIEHOFF VG 30 continuous annealer
HERBORN SE 501 F single spooler



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