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Second hand wire and cable machines - Bongard's latest acquisitions

Published: - 10/02/2020 Author: Simonati, Programming office
Second hand wire and cable machines - Bongard's latest acquisitions

Browse Bongard's February acquisitions regarding second-hand wire and cable processing machinery and equipment: rod breakdown lines, nail production machines, coilers, stranders and more.

The German BONGARD MACHINES GMBH & CO. KG has been specialising in purchasing and selling used equipment, from single machines to complete manufacturing plants, since 1959.

Bongard can offer you technical service and retrofits for ERNST KOCH machines and - as usual - for all other machines.




NIEHOFF MM 85.12.2.AF13 2-wire rod break down line


no. of wires: 2
no. of drafts: 13
inlet wire Ø max: 8 mm
examples of production: 2 x 8 mm = 1,00 mm - 2,2 mm
1 x 8 mm = 1,00 mm - 4,5 mm
Until now in production for 8 mm to 1,04 mm - 1,83 mm

consisting of:
NIEHOFF R 500.2 continuous annealer
NIEHOFF MAG 410 dancer
NIEHOFF MAG 410 dancer
HERBORN SLG 1000 single spooler
HERBORN SLG 1000 single spooler


WAFIOS compl. nail production


consisting of:
WAFIOS N 41 nail press
WAFIOS N 51 nail press
WAFIOS N 90 highspeed nail press
WAFIOS N 90 highspeed nail press
SASPI RV-6H thread rolling machine
cleaning drum for nails
cleaning drum for nails


HENRICH tinning line


up to now used for: Cu wire
suitable for: for tinning of copper wire
wire Ø max: 2.75 mm
tin layer: 1 - 12 µm
feeding speed max: 200 m/min

consisting of:
CEFILAC spooler
BONGARD STN 800 coiler


BONGARD STN 800 coiler


up to now used for: tinned copper wire
material Ø min: 1 mm
material Ø max: 2.5 mm
Ø of coiling capstan: 820 mm
speed max: 400 m/s


WAFIOS N 90 highspeed nail press


no. of nails / minute: 800
wire Ø min: 2.4 mm
wire Ø max: 3.8 mm
nail length min: 48 mm
nail length max: 100 mm

consisting of:
WAFIOS GW 92 thread rolling machine


WAFIOS N 41 nail press


no. of nails / minute: 550
wire Ø min: 1.8 mm
wire Ø max: 3.4 mm
nail length min: 13 mm
nail length max: 80 mm


VITARI NR 230 wire straightening and cutting machine


suitable for: straightening and cutting of wires
wire Ø min: 4 mm
wire Ø max: 10 mm
speed: 30 - 130 m/min
outlet table length: 6000 mm


VITARI NR 231 wire straightening and cutting machine


wire Ø min: 5 mm
wire Ø max: 12 mm
speed max: 130 m/min
outlet table length: 12000 mm


KOCH KGT 20/12 straight-line wire drawing machine


up to now used for: Bead wire with 0,6 - 0,8% C
no. of drafts: 12
inlet wire Ø max: 5.5 mm
finished wire Ø max: 1.5 mm
finished wire Ø min: 1 mm

consisting of:
single spooler


SCHLATTER PG 24.1/12C mesh welding line


suitable for: welding of Gabions, industrial fence and mesh
line wire Ø min: 3 mm
line wire Ø max: 6 mm
mesh width max: 2500 mm


SAMP TR/4-SV intermediate wire drawing machine


up to now used for: Cu
no. of wires: max/min 32/12
inlet wire Ø max: 1.65 mm
finished wire Ø max: 0.3 mm
finished wire Ø min: 0.1 mm

consisting of:
SAMP S.G.S.4 continuous annealer
SAMP TE/25-A automatic spooler


FRISCH 300 Loose Tube SZ stranding line for FOC


up to now used for: fiber optic cable
suitable for: stranding of 5 to 12 fiber optic loose tube with Ø 1,1 - 4,0 mm
lay length min: 60 mm
lay length max: 500 mm

consisting of:
DELACHAUX spool pay-off
FRISCH Central pay off
SWISSCAB DFO355R pay-off
MAILLEFER Chenille UA2 haul-off caterpillar
FRISCH take-up


FRIGERIO RT 635/9 straight-line wire drawing line


up to now used for: low carbon wire
inlet wire Ø max: 7 mm
finished wire Ø min: 1.4 mm
number of blocks: 9
speed max: 20 m/s

consisting of:
FRIGERIO SVR 200 pay-off with 2 hydraulic pay-off beams
FRIGERIO mechanical descaler
GSG BSG/T dry powder coating
FRIGERIO BU 125 horizontal spooler


BONGARD KW-650 TK static coiler


suitable for: for coiling of insulated conductors with cross section of 10 - 35 mm²
Ø of coiling capstan: 655 mm
barrel outside Ø: 800 mm
speed max: 1000 m/min


NIEHOFF MMh 101.E1.1.A.07.F 25 multiwire drawing machine


up to now used for: Cu, bare and tinned
no. of wires: 7
inlet wire Ø max: 1.8 mm
finished wire Ø max: 0.454 mm
finished wire Ø min: 0.15 mm

consisting of:
NIEHOFF VG 30 M continuous annealer
NIEHOFF S 630.2.F.3.E spooler


NIEHOFF MMH121.E2.1.A.14.2618 multiwire drawing machine


no. of wires: 14
inlet wire Ø max: 2.59 mm
examples of production: inlet wire Ø max. 14 x 2.59 mm (14 x 10 AWG)
finished wire Ø min. 14 x 0.32 mm (14 x 28 AWG)
finished wire Ø max. 14 x 0.812 mm (20 AWG)
finished wire Ø max. 7 x 1.219 mm (16 1/2 AWG)

consisting of:
NIEHOFF RM301.1.R.14.7000 continuous annealer
NIEHOFF WVS 801.2.E.A bundle packer
NIEHOFF WSV 801.2.E.A bundle packer


IDEAL GA 316 mesh welding line


line wire Ø min: 1.5 mm
line wire Ø max: 8 mm
mesh width max: 1600 mm
no. of welding transformers: 6

additional data:
Line consist of:
automatic line wire feeding system (LDB).
pushing device.
welding machine.
pull out transport.
pull out transport with stamp.
1 x cross wire feeder for bottom wire with magazin (suitable for manufacturing of special double bar fence).
2 x cross wire magazin (suitable for different wire-Ø or cross wire length.
electric cabinet
automatic mesh stapeling device.

line wire feeding: automatic.
mesh weigth max.: 100 kg.
electrode force: 2.500 N.
air preasure: 26 bar.
cooling water consumption: approx. 35 l/min.


M + E NMG25 + SP380 fine wire drawing machine


up to now used for: patented and brass coated high carbon steel wire with 0,9% C
no. of drafts: 25
inlet wire Ø max: 1.4 mm
finished wire Ø min: 0.08 mm

consisting of:
M + E SP 380 single spooler


KOCH / HERBORN KGT800/1 + 600/12 straight-line wire drawing machine


no. of drafts: 14
inlet wire Ø max: 6 mm
finished wire Ø min: 1.25 mm
drawing capstan Ø: Block 1: 600 mm / Block 2: 450 mm / Block 3-14: 340 mm
speed max: 20 m/s

consisting of:
HERBORN-BREITENBACH SP-V-30/15-8 single spooler
STENGER coiler


SKET 36x560 cage strander with backtwist


up to now used for: steel wire
total no. of bobbins: 36
spool flange Ø max: 560 mm
cage revolutions: 60 min⁻¹
final rope Ø max: 25 mm

consisting of:
SKET haul-off capstan
SKET take-up
steel spool


KOCH 2500-D-1+1600+2 straight-line wire drawing machine


no. of drafts: 3
inlet wire Ø max: 10 mm
finished wire Ø min: 3 mm
number of blocks: 3
speed max: 6 m/s

consisting of:
KOCH KHS 1000 single spooler


GSG RWCB 400-3 brush descaler


up to now used for: high carbon steel wire
suitable for: For brush descaling and removal of light rust
wire Ø min: 5.5 mm
wire Ø max: 16 mm

additional data:
Suitable for any wire quality
3 pair of brushes arranged in an offset of 60°.
Special brushing process achieves outstanding surface quality.
Automatically re-adjustment of brushes until complete wearout.
Long lifetime of brushings due to a high efficency degree.
Wire diameter (low carbon) 5,5 - 16,0 mm
Wire diameter (high carbon) 5,5 - 10,0 mm

Line consist of:
mechanical descaling unit (suitable up to Ø 12 mm wire).
Brush descaling unit.
exhausting unit.


BZK VM 1000 double twist bunching machine


up to now used for: Al wire
twists per minute: 3,000
take-up spool flange Ø: 800 - 1.000 mm
cross section of core max: 35 mm²
lay length max: 250 mm


SAMP BM 800 D double twist bunching machine


up to now used for: Cu, bare
twists per minute: 5,000
take-up spool flange Ø: 800 mm
single wire Ø max: 0.6 mm
cross section of core max: 16 mm²


BEKAERT CAZ straight-line wire drawing machine


up to now used for: low carbon wire
no. of drafts: 10
inlet wire Ø max: 6.5 mm
drawing capstan Ø: 5 x 620 / 5 x 450 mm
speed max: 20 m/s

consisting of:
BEKAERT dancer
BEKAERT single spooler


MÜLLER-SCHWAMBORN KVM 8 x 650 tubular strander


total no. of bobbins: 8
spool flange Ø max: 650 mm
finished rope Ø min: 9 mm
final rope Ø max: 19 mm
lay length max: 250 mm

consisting of:
double haul-off capstan


BEKAERT RTA hexagonal mesh weaving machine


wire Ø min: 0.7 mm
wire Ø max: 1 mm
pitch max: 25 mm
weaving width max: 3000 mm

consisting of:
BEKAERT double take-up
BEKAERT take-up



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