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Bottaro black annealed wire ensures safety and performance

Published: - 10/01/2022 Author: Bottaro Admin
Bottaro black annealed wire ensures safety and performance

The BWR® black annealed wire spools have been engineered to be performing and reliable even in the coldest temperatures. Bottaro created this product to meet the needs of those companies whose recycling plants are often located in open or semi-covered spaces, without heating, and where temperatures are close to zero.

The BWR® technology and the special lubrication of the product made with an eco-friendly oil (available upon customer request) ensure the consistency of the wire characteristics while respecting the environment.

Furthermore, the four coil bindings are made with a PET strap, which tightens the reel until it is used on the system, and ensures its unwinding whether it is placed on a pallet or packaged in special recycled cardboard boxes.

The Bottaro quality control department tests the material continuously, unwind the reel at a maximum speed of 260 meters/min. This test demonstrates just how high the safety and reliability of the product are.