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Double up your armouring speed with Calmec’s brand-new CT2

Published: - 25/03/2019 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Double up your armouring speed with Calmec’s brand-new CT2

The last tests have been completed and Calmec is ready to announce the launch of a new state-of-the-art CT2 dual strip armouring machine for circuit size building wire cables.

The newly created high-production equipment will allow you to save money on material and labour costs while doubling your production speed up to 70 feet per minute.

The CT2 is a double pad compact machine that contains 12 inch traverse wound strip coils at each end, and requires half the floor space of 2 conventional lines. Furthermore, unlike the larger 4-pad 2” & 5” CT2 machines, this new model does not require a strip rewinding process.

The machine is equipped with a 4–motor spindle drive transmission that runs in complete synchronization with no mechanical gear reducers or variators. It is also worth mentioning that the CT2 dual synchronized tooling assemblies guarantee a centrally produced cable, with no convolution rollers or bearings to replace.

Last but not least, the brand-new dual strip armouring machine is supplied with a newly developed recipe storage system and a patent pending slitting tool that easily removes armour ends from the cable. 

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The new machine will be presented at Interwire 2019 (May 14-16 - Atlanta, USA).
Calmec will be glad to meet you also at wire Russia 2019 (June 18-20 - Moscow, Russia).

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