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Automotive corporation’s bearing division bolsters production

Published: - 26/10/2017 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Automotive corporation’s bearing division bolsters production

A global automotive corporation’s American based bearing division placed an order with Can-Eng Furnaces International for a mesh belt furnace system for heat treating thrust races, retainer/cages, and washers. The new, CQI-9 compliant production line features built-in flexibility that allows for both neutral hardening and carburizing. Included with the system is: An atmosphere controlled hardening furnace, salt quench, two-stage post-quench washing system, salt reclamation unit, temper furnace salt holding tank and CAN-ENG’s Level 2 SCADA system – PETTM. The electrically heated system utilizes unique loading combinations on its belt to meet production requirements while achieving the customer’s required low residence times for the system’s hardener and quench. Additionally, through the integration of CAN-ENG’s PETTM System, the automotive supplier gains access to vital tracking of products’ status, detailed process data for continuous process improvements, comprehensive equipment diagnostics, cost analysis, & inventory management.

CAN-ENG Furnaces’ Continuous Mesh Belt Heat Treatment Systems were chosen for this project not just for their proven track record, but for the custom engineering and flexibility for meeting the customer’s need. Capable of treating three separate part types, multiple heat treating processes, unique temperature operating ranges, and diverse residence times for each piece of equipment – CAN-ENG provides solutions for each customer’s unique needs.