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Can-Eng backdrops Kamtek’s grand opening in Alabama

Published: - 26/12/2017 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Can-Eng backdrops Kamtek’s grand opening in Alabama

As Alabama Governor Kay Ivey officially opened Kamtek’s (a manufacturing operation of global automotive supplier - Magna International) new manufacturing facility in Birmingham, Alabama one premium equipment manufacturer’s name could be seen above the backdrop; Can-Eng. Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd.

The new, $60 million facility for manufacturing aluminum castings is another shift in the automotive industry towards further lightweighting. Utilizing high-pressure die castings (HPDCs) and high-integrity aluminum automotive structural components, automotive manufacturers further improve their overall vehicle efficiencies. These increased efficiencies required more specialized materials and thus more specialized manufacturing processes. Can-Eng Furnaces is a global leader and expert supplier of custom heat-treating equipment for HPDCs and high-integrity aluminum structural components with multiple, successful installations globally. Can-Eng’s custom heat treatment systems for both HPDCs and high-integrity aluminum automotive structural components provide repeatable mechanical properties and high dimensional stability through unique furnace designs while simultaneously offering unrivalled part handling, minimized floor space, and reduced energy requirements.