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Can-Eng focus on high pressure die castings

Published: - 28/09/2017 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Can-Eng focus on high pressure die castings

High Pressure Die Castings (HPDCs) are light-weight alternative components made from forcing molten metals into a mold at high speed and pressure. Casting molten metals allows for once multi-piece, welded-together structures to now be singular, aluminum castings – performing the same task with less mass and variability.

Manufacturers have adopted these components for their added value of:
- High-volume, high-tolerance, high-strength components.
- Flexibility for creating complex shapes – particularly in the automotive and aerospace sectors.
- Light-weight capabilities – enabling more compact, fuel-efficient vehicles.
- Advancing engine design and sophisticated vehicle construction.

High Pressure Die Castings are now commonly used within:
- Key body structures – pillars, shock towers, floor and rear rails.
- Complex shapes.
- Chassis structures – engine cradles, suspension links.

Tailored heat treatment
With the increased flexibility afforded by HPDCs, comes demanding requirements on the metallurgical properties of the castings. For years, Can-Eng has developed, tested, and iterated its furnace systems to provide solution, quenching and aging treatment systems for today’s exacting tolerances for T4, T5, T6, and T7 processes; while maintaining a product’s dimensional stability.

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