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CAN-ENG: latest heat treatment technology to be showcased at wire & Tube 2016

Published: - 02/03/2016 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
CAN-ENG: latest heat treatment technology to be showcased at wire & Tube 2016

WIRE 2016: fastener heat treatment solutions

CAN-ENG Furnaces International will showcase its continuous mesh belt atmosphere furnace system for the processing of fasteners at the upcoming WIRE trade fair held in Duesseldorf, Germany, April 4-8, 2016.

CAN-ENG focuses on the development of high volume continuous industrial furnaces for challenging applications and is the industry leader in the development of automated heat treating systems for processing of ferrous and non-fasteners. Our reliable , and robust automated furnace systems lead the industry in up-time, energy efficiency and soft handling features that deliver superior part cosmetics. Standard production capacities are available from 100 kgs/hr to the largest systems in the world at 3400 kgs/hr.

Commercial and Captive heat treaters continue to turn to CAN-ENG to meet their production objectives. CAN-ENG turn-key systems are usually supplied as totally automated heat treating lines which include computer controlled loading systems, pre-wash stations, hardening furnaces, quench systems, post washer stations and tempering furnaces. Auxiliary equipment such as dephosphating systems, blackening systems, atmosphere generators and Level II automation systems offering full SCADA capabilities are also available. The integration of Can-Eng’s Level II automation system tracks products status and collect detailed process data that is used for continuous process improvement, equipment diagnostics, processing costs analysis and inventory management . CAN-ENG Continuous Mesh Belt Atmosphere Furnace Systems are fully compliant to meet the requirements of AIAG CQI-9 Heat Treatment System guidelines.

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TUBE 2016: heat treatment technology

CAN-ENG Furnaces International Limited is a leading global designer and manufacturer of thermal processing equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. CAN-ENG focuses on the development of high volume batch and continuous industrial furnace systems for challenging applications. This April 4-8, 2016, CAN-ENG will be exhibiting at TUBE 2016 to showcase its latest heat treatment, material handling and quenching technology for the Tube and Pipe Industry.

CAN-ENG’s rugged and reliable furnace designs have served commercial and captive heat-treaters, automotive component producers, the iron and steel industries, the oil and gas industries, railcar manufacturers, aluminum and steel foundries, forging operations, stamping and fastener companies, agricultural, construction and appliance manufacturers for over 50 years and we have gained an international reputation for design innovation, quality workmanship and a dedication to service. Our highly innovative furnace systems provide the latest advancements in energy saving technology, material handling and automation, incorporating new technology to replace conventional designs and improve production flow and facility efficiencies.

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