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The final chapter of the Carlo Salvi Stories project: under the banner of international collaborations

Published: - 09/01/2022 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
The final chapter of the Carlo Salvi Stories project: under the banner of international collaborations

The fifth and final chapter of Carlo Salvi Stories is dedicated to the collaboration with the Polish company Solvera Gaweł Technology S.A., a symbol of dynamism and continuous, mutual growth.

The collaboration hallmarks Carlo Salvi's world presence and its ability to create valuable relationships with key stakeholders.

This is how one can summarize the latest chapter of Carlo Salvi Stories. The storytelling project, now at its fifth and final installment, wants to celebrate the virtuous collaborations, successes, and goals shared with both Italian and international business enterprises of excellence.

The fifth and final chapter is dedicated to Solvera Gawel Technology S.A., a company with a long family tradition and international experience - and a pioneer in the production of high-quality fasteners since 1983.

Over the years, Solvera has faced and overcome several market challenges: diversifying its product range, serving the automotive sector, creating a state-of-the-art R&D Center, and finally breaking through the American market. The company, which has maintained its production plant in Poland, now boasts 280 employees and operates internationally in all major markets: the US, China, India, Mexico, Brazil, and Russia.

The dynamism and continuous growth are the key factors that laid the foundations for the collaboration between Solvera and Carlo Salvi. The bond they share goes beyond the mere commercial relationship.

"The meeting with Carlo Salvi stems from the need to increase the cold heading productivity. We were looking for machines that stood out on the market for their innovative features. We have found much more in Carlo Salvi: an authentic strategic partner that can provide us with the best technologies but also support us in terms of training and assistance," says Grzegorz Gawel, Vice President of Solvera Gaweł Technology S.A.

Today, the Carlo Salvi heading machines installed at the corporate plant in Poland play a primary role and offer outstanding advantages such as precision and versatility, thanks to their cutting-edge features.

Over the years, Carlo Salvi has built what now represents the true added value of a company: the relationship of trust with its customers.

"An authentic commitment that our company has maintained over time, a principle that guides and stimulates our actions and drives our innovation processes, offering customers an added value that goes beyond the product itself," comments Germano Pandiani C.O.O. of Carlo Salvi S.p.A.

"The collaboration with Solvera Gaweł Technology S.A. has allowed us to develop synergies and results that couldn't have been possible individually. A cohesive group will always achieve greater results. With the goal of mutual growth, we want to continue to provide our expertise and technology," concludes Marco Pizzi, C.C.O of Carlo Salvi.

The unique nature of this corporate relationship (both from a family tradition and drive for innovation standpoints) is the perfect ending to the Carlo Salvi Stories project, as it perfectly captures its soul. How people, collaboration, and mutual exchange are the key elements to proactively take on the increasingly ambitious challenges ahead.

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