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Viti Srl protagonist of the fourth chapter of Carlo Salvi Stories

Published: - 21/11/2021 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Viti Srl protagonist of the fourth chapter of Carlo Salvi Stories

An example of friendship and business that go hand in hand, the relationship between Carlo Salvi and VITI is defined by a strong bond with the territory, mutual trust, and continuous cooperation in personnel training.

As a neighbor and a historical collaborator, the company VITI SRL, located in the Lecco area (a renowned metalworking district in Northern Italy), is a significant partner for Carlo Salvi.

Founded in 1974 by Adriano Ferrario and located in a small warehouse of 300 square meters, VITI quickly made its name in the local industrial landscape. Today, the screw manufacturer boasts a 2,800 square meters facility and several production branches in nearby areas. VITI is a leading manufacturer of fasteners such as self-tapping screws, trilobular screws, and special screws. 40% of the production is destined to the Italian market, while the remaining percentage is distributed across Europe, especially in Germany.

"The approach to the market and the close connection with our territory are the defining elements of our collaboration with VITI," commented Germano Pandiani, C.O.O. at Carlo Salvi.

The two companies have established a strong bond right from the start, as VITI shares Carlo Salvi's corporate values and appreciates the extreme quality and technical value of its personnel and heading machines.

For the past 30 years, VITI has employed only Carlo Salvi machines, and although they have been used to manufacture billions of pieces, they have never required extraordinary maintenance. "The reason that led us to collaborate with Carlo Salvi right from the start was the company's proven track record. We knew we were entrusting ourselves to the world leader in the field of double stroke headers. As the years went by, we have become increasingly aware that our lasting connection with Carlo Salvi is the result of tangible professionalism, safety, quality of service, reliability, and technical excellence," stated Angelo Ferrario (VITI Sales, and Purchasing Manager, and President) and his brother Stefano. "We can say that ours is not a mere professional relationship, but rather a friendship built over the years and supported by a continuous trust as well as by the high-quality and long-lasting outputs."

The two companies share many affinities, including the way they relate with their employees. VITI staff today is made up of 45 people, for a total annual production that fluctuates between 500,000 pieces and one million. The activity is organized according to a particular 'extended' shift to better meet the needs and desire of the staff to spend more time with their families. "We have always hired young people with the idea of accompanying them until retirement age. Nowadays, pursuing this goal is more complex due to external factors, but with some people, we are succeeding. It is an investment not only in terms of money but above all in terms of energy, with which we want to carry forward our philosophy that people are not just numbers. Without this clear principle in mind, you cannot be a good entrepreneur,” commented Angelo Ferrario.

Carlo Salvi and VITI work closely together daily. Thanks to this synergy, the customer receives a high-quality finished product made by specialized personnel. For this reason, for years now, training courses have been organized, coordinated both internally and by Carlo Salvi technical staff, aimed at training new employees and guaranteeing a constant level of quality, also in anticipation of natural generational changes. "The project we have undertaken with VITI is certainly ambitious but also extremely valuable. We can guarantee our partner's staff is prepared and willing to grow with the company and pursue its objectives," concludes Marco Pizzi, Carlo Salvi's C.C.O.

The fourth chapter of the Carlo Salvi Stories saga is particularly meaningful because of the unique and extraordinary nature of this corporate relationship.
A precious example of two industrial companies following the best trends, collaborating constructively, and sharing the same principles and corporate values.

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