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CEA leads the innovation in welding with the vision ARC program

Published: - 25/10/2016 Author: Staff
CEA leads the innovation in welding with the vision ARC program

CEA is proud to communicate the company's latest step towards innovation: the vision ARC software for special applications.

Vision ARC gives the welder the possibility to choose between four special welding programs:

- vision.PIPE for pipe first root pass and open gap MIG/MAG welding;
- vision.COLD for low heat transfer MIG/MAG welding;
- vision.ULTRASPEED for high speed MIG/MAG welding;
- vision.POWER for high penteration MIG/MAG welding.

Let's see what this four programs can do.

vision.PIPE is the innovative MIG/MAG process developed by CEA for first root pass whenever butt-joining pipes in all positions.

The supplied vision.PIPE synergic programs grant extremely high quality performance with an optimized arc for welding pipes in a precise and safeway also whenever having to deal with larger size open gap joints. vision.PIPE process enables to replace MMA and TIG processes with a far shorter welding time.

Learn more about vision.PIPE here.

vision.COLD is an innovative low heat transfer MIG/MAG process, developedby CEA for welding thin thickness lamination sheets and for MIG brazing in allwelding positions.

Thanks to supplied synergic programs, vision.COLD allows very high quality welding of thin sheets and its optimized arc ensures no deformation with minimal modification of the metallurgical characteristics of the joints.

Learn more about vision.COLD here.

vision.ULTRASPEED is an innovative MIG/MAG process developed by CEA for welding steel and non ferrous materials which, thanks to the arc increased magnetic strength and a narrower arc cone, allows a remarkable increase inwelding speed.

This process grants an inferior overheating of the base material with less shrinkage tension and consequently less workpiece reworking and finishing job.

Learn more about vision.ULTRASPEED here.

vision.POWER is the innovative MIG/MAG process developed by CEA for welding medium large thickness steel whenever high penetration is required.

By means of this special welding process, the arc cone becomes narrower, therefore its pressure is concentrated on a smaller area of the workpiece, thus heavily increasing the penetration.

vision.POWER more concentrated arc is ideal for fillet welding and to enter into very narrow joints requiring a very long stick-out.

Learn more about vision.POWER here.

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