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vision.COLD - low heat MIG/MAG welding

Published: - 17/11/2019 Author: Simonati, Programming office
vision.COLD - low heat MIG/MAG welding

CEA Spa is a world renowned designer and manufacturer of professional MIG/MAG arc welding machines.

The Italian company has been innovating manufacturing operations for years: today, the special revolutionary low-heat arc welding process - vision.COLD, both for thin sheets and for MIG brazing, comes under the spotlight.

This system allows high quality welding through both an optimized arc and synergic welding programs, thus reducing deformations and modifications of the joints’ metallurgic structure to the bare minimum.

vision.COLD ensures a variety of advantages and benefits, such as:
- higher joint welding speed compared to MIG/MAG short arc operations;
- contained damage to galvanized sheets thanks to MIG brazing;
- significant reduction in heat input;
- no projections during the short circuit phase;
- possibility to weld even open gap joints.

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