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The best lean production practices - Bartell explains TPS

Published: - 23/03/2020 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
The best lean production practices - Bartell explains TPS

Have you ever listened to Bartell’s “The Fourth Revolution” podcast?

In this online series, the American company wants to really tap into the passion of the automobile industry, where Bartell’s employee’s love for automotive and manufacturing goes beyond their job.
Understanding the content in your own field as a consumer makes your marketing stronger: this is what this series aims at.

In today’s episode titled “How the Toyota production system can cut costs and grow your company”, the focus is placed on the evolution of and the science behind lean production practices (as in waste-free manufacturing). The protagonist, Stephen Dardaris, director of continuous improvement for Hillrom, will explain you how the ingenious Toyota Production System (or TPS) has been playing a fundamental role from post-war factory production times to modern-day automation.

Listen to today’s episode here >>>

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