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Cold forming lubricants: the main features and the best products

Published: - 25/02/2019 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Cold forming lubricants: the main features and the best products

In the fastener making industry, the high pressures exerted between the tool and the part require the use of high-performance lubricants to avoid premature wear and breakage of tools.

The lubricants to use in cold forming processes have to be both high performing and sustainable, because nowadays producers have to face strict environmental rules and ensure operators a friendly and safe working environment.

CONDAT's dedicated solutions include soaps for skin-pass or wire drawing operations before cold heading, multi-purpose forming oils, heavy duty forming lubricants, extreme pressure neat cutting oils for thread rolling and tapping and also quenching oils and polymers.

At the industry-specific event Fastener Stuttgart (March 19-21), CONDAT will exhibit the most extensive range of lubricants dedicated to cold heading processes. Since 1854, the company has been specialized in the development and production of industrial lubricants. Today, its strong lubrication expertise serves the fastener sector.


The sustainable cold heading oil

Concerned for the future, CONDAT is committed to a responsible approach and offers its customers technical solutions allowing them to reduce their impact on the working place and the environment.

The evolution of cold stamping machines and the growing knowledge of subcontractors make it possible today to produce more and more complex and massive pieces. Section reductions greater than 70% become common, generating enormous pressure on tools (punches & dies). EXTRUGLISS GREEN's vegetable-based cold-heading oils meet these technical requirements while increasing the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and reducing tooling budgets. Thanks to the high level of lubricity of vegetal base oil (3 times more efficient than standard mineral base oils), EXTRUGLISS GREEN enables to manufacture very difficult parts, and even some references manufactured initially in machining can today be produced with cold stamping process.
Highly efficient and more respectful of the operator's working environment, EXTRUGLISS GREEN is a 2-in-1 oil that provides superior lubrication to both the machine mechanisms and the tools side.
These oils can be used for heavy duty forming operations (screw, bolt, nuts and extrusion parts). The high flash point ensures lower mist and smokes, perfectly answering the requirements of presses manufacturers.

Meet CONDAT at Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2019 in hall 3, stand 2450 or contact the sales team at