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Condat Lubricants to start a new production site in China

Published: - 02/08/2022 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Condat Lubricants to start a new production site in China

For Condat, being located near to its customers, both geographically and culturally, is a maximum priority.

That's why it has always invested heavily in state-of-the-art facilities to produce top-notch lubricants consistently in all corners of the globe. The French lubricant manufacturer was already present in China with a production unit in Shanghai. Now Condat is expanding with a new plant located in Qingdao, starting by the end of 2022.

The new facility will allow Condat to increase its production capacity and to promptly deliver products to the closest location, which is also an advantage for customers in terms of reduction of their environmental and transportation impact.

To learn more about Condat's presence in China, we invite you to meet the company staff in Hall W1 at wire China, to be held in Shanghai from September 26-29, 2022.

Condat's lubrication experts will help you solve any technical problem in selecting and using the most suitable lubricant. Thanks to the most complete wire drawing lubricants offer and huge experience, they are able to answer your specific needs, guide you to the best lubrication strategy, and provide support towards a responsible choice.

Eco-designed lubricants and chemicals

Condat has designed 40 eco-designed lubricants and products for the wire drawing industry, rated through its self-scoring system called Lubriscore®. To limit the use of hazardous materials, particular attention is paid to the raw materials used in formulas.

Addressing the issues with lubricant residuals

Excess residual lubricants on the drawn wire may result in problems during the wire drawing process and is generally an indicator of suboptimal lubricant consumption. The opposite problem, that is, having too little residue on the wire, can be troublesome too, causing premature die wear.

Condat's team can help you adapt the various parameters to increase productivity and performance. For example, by modifying the type of dry lubricant (fat type, grain size distribution, softening point, type of filler) it is possible to improve and even greatly enhance the management of the drawing process.

For more information, Condat awaits you at wire China or any of its facilities worldwide.