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Eco-designed lubricants for cold heading operations on steel super alloys

Published: - 03/01/2022 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Eco-designed lubricants for cold heading operations on steel super alloys

CONDAT is an independent company with an international presence, specialized in the field of industrial lubrication. Its lubricant range is recognized in the metalworking market, in particular for cold heading processes.

Concerned for the future, CONDAT is committed to a responsible approach and offers its customers technical solutions allowing them to reduce their impact on people and on the environment.

LUBRISCORE®, a self-scoring system for eco-designed products
Committed for many years to responsible performance, CONDAT is taking the lead by supplying the industry a greater readability on its eco-design lubricant offer. Its innovative self-scoring system Lubriscore® grants a number of stars to products showing a virtuous profile on life cycle criteria: Raw materials and design / Production / Transport / Use / End of life.

The LUBRISCORE® rating is available for a wide range of CONDAT lubricants, including metalworking fluids and cold heading oils.

EXTRUGLISS - Sustainable cold heading oil
A 3 stars product: Extrugliss 268 WF

EXTRUGLISS 268 WF has been designed for warm forming application to perform under high temperature (between 400°c to 650°c).

Showing high performances, EXTRUGLISS 268 WF is also a dual-purpose oil. It has been specially formulated to provide both superior lubrication characteristics to machinery, as well as outstanding lubrication for your warm forming process. Used as dual purpose in your machines, it will prevent cross contamination to sustain the lubricant best performances longer and extend your sump life. A direct economy when it comes to oil change and oil destruction cost.

EXTRUGLISS 268 WF is a vegetable-based oil that makes it possible to produce most difficult parts while increasing the efficiency of your machine and reducing your tooling budget.

Its high flash point ensures lower smokes and reduces fire hazard. EXTRUGLISS 268 WF oil reduces the impact on the environment and gives operators a friendly working environment.

Thanks to its responsible formulation, this lubricant has been awarded 3 stars at the CONDAT LUBRISCORE® rating.