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wire 2022: green innovations on stage at the Condoroil booth

Published: - 20/06/2022 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
wire 2022: green innovations on stage at the Condoroil booth

Condoroil Chemical is glad to announce its participation in wire & Tube, the main global event of the sector.

As a manufacturer of chemicals for the surface treatment, the Italy-based company cannot miss the chance to showcase its products and solutions for metal processing.

Condoroil strongly believes that investing time and resources in optimizing production operations will yield the best results for the future. As a consequence, the company has focused its efforts to design products that are less dangerous, less polluting, and more inexpensive. At its booth, B48 hall 10, Condoroil will showcase its innovative solutions, namely:

Condorlube DF 18 – A highly innovative and revolutionary polymer-based product: as it completely replaces the phosphating phase, the process benefits from the reduction in the duration of the production cycle and costs. This formulation can be applied both in line and by immersion immediately after the pickling phase, creating a thin and well adherent lubricating layer on the component surface, and thus granting homogenous results.

Condorlube 280 SAL – A borax-free lubricant carrier salt to be used in the stainless steel salting processes. Compliant with the latest EU regulations, it consists of a mixture of salts, which is partially soluble in water, and enables obtaining high-quality drawn materials.

Brand-new pickling – Thanks to different molecular separation technologies, this innovative pickling process reduces the two waste streams produced, as the water can be recycled and both the acid and the metal are recovered during different phases. This ensures greener production patterns, as foreseen in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, thus confirming the company's commitment to the people and the planet.

You are all invited to stand B48 hall 10, where the corporate staff will be glad to show you their original solutions and answer all your questions.

For more information about Condoroil products, have a look at the online stand >>