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Continuus-Properzi partecipates in Greener Aluminium Summit 2021

Published: - 31/05/2021 Author: Simonati, Programming office
Continuus-Properzi partecipates in Greener Aluminium Summit 2021

For the first time ever Continuus-Properzi takes part in an online event, the GREEN ALUMINIUM SUMMIT 2021, scheduled for June 2-3. The corporate virtual stand will provide visitors with the same opportunities as a physical stand:

- company profile;
- videos;
- promotional material;

And above all, the assistance of the entire corporate team who will be available for two days!
Continuus-Properzi’s participation in this event is linked to its world leadership in the design and construction of equipment to produce wire rods and aluminum ingots dedicated to the automotive industry.

Properzi believes in the value of this metal in terms of circular economy and in the company’s contribution to the aluminum supply chain through its own engineering applied to the Track & Belt method for the production of Green Properzi ingots and through the design of the Vert-Melt specific for aluminum systems with countless “green” aspects.

Visit the corporate stand, the staff will be happy to meet you again or to make your acquaintance.