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Corbetta & C. starts a new Carlo Salvi header

Published: - 18/03/2018 Author: Katia Martinini
Corbetta & C. starts a new Carlo Salvi header

In February the Corbetta & C SNC company tested and started a CARLO SALVI "1 DIE 2 PUNCHES CS 8120 DL RF" header.

Specially designed for the production of high-speed metal parts (up to 190 pcs per minute), this machine will allow the company to reduce setup times and increase even more the quality of the finished product.

They will be able to produce:

- Metal parts with length up to 120 mm;
- Stainless steel semi-perforated metal parts up to Ø 10;
- Screws with thread max. M10 and length max. 120 mm;
- Screws with countersunk and round head and many more items.

The purchase of the new machine represents a further step forward for the company, that aims to better satisfy customer needs.

We invite you to send your requests and Corbetta staff will be happy to assist you in the realization of your projects.