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Three questions for Corbetta & C S.n.c.

Published: - 30/01/2018 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Three questions for Corbetta & C S.n.c.

The birth of what is today Corbetta & C S.n.c. is due to Ermanno Corbetta who in 1969, after having learned the job by working in a couple of screws manufacturing companies, decided to set up his own business. Aided by two partners, he transformed a small room into a workshop where, with two second-hand headers, he started manufacturing rivets. Professionalism and enthusiasm never lacked and so soon the business expanded, embracing also the screws with the purchase of the related machines and the transfer to a new headquarter. We posed three questions to Mauro Corbetta, owner of the company together with his brother Fabio, to get a closer look at the reality of a company in the fastener sector.

Corbetta & C. SNC has an history of almost 50 years. How has the company evolved in almost half a century of activity?

Exactly, there is little left to the 50th anniversary year and we are proud to have reached this point. The fasteners market has changed radically and this has led the company to a continuous development, both generational with the entry to the top of the company of me and my brother, both from a production point of view. Compared to the beginning, production has changed almost completely, having adapted to the changes experienced by the market. Initially the quantity was of greater importance than the quality, which is why it was much simpler to produce, without necessarily having to pay attention to the qualitative aspect of the piece. When we started to expand our knowledge, especially in the automotive field, and therefore mostly with the foreign market, our vision has totally changed. We began to improve and increase our quality system, achieving ISO certification in 2011, focusing more on the production of the piece at 360°: from design, to production, to packaging. 

Where does the choice to produce exclusively special screws based on customer's design come from?

Over the years and with changes in the global market we realized that to distinguish ourselves it was necessary to start producing special pieces, made unique by the extreme complexity of the realization itself. In this way we could not only take away customers from the competitors, but expand our subcontracting range. And it was thanks to this choice that we reinforced the production reserved to foreign export, which today covers half of the offer and turnover.

How important are certifications in your industry, are they a popular requirement?

Certifications represent, above all in our field, a guarantee. With the development of the global market, there is a growing need for reliable and qualitatively well-organized suppliers that can meet customer demands. In 2011 we achieved the ISO 9001: 2008 certification, which has helped us to become more decisive in the automotive sector, one of the leading sectors for our production. Not only that: we are happy to inform that just last year we obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification, which represents an important step forward in the development of the company.