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Roll forming and its benefits explained by Dallan

Published: - 28/07/2022 Author: Sara, Ed. Staff
Roll forming and its benefits explained by Dallan

What is roll forming? And what are the benefits for your company?
These are the questions that Dallan Spa, a company specializing in roll forming lines design and manufacture, answers in a dedicated technical article.

Roll forming is a high-productivity technology for the manufacture of continuous-section metal profiles. Among the machinery used for the bending process is the press brake, which, however, has limited productiveness due to its execution speed. To overcome these limitations, Dallan experts suggest opting for roll forming lines instead, as the roller rotation speed can vary from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 300 meters per minute. This extraordinary productivity is unattainable by any other bending process.

Designing good profiles and rollers is also critical in order to ensure an excellent roll forming performance. The roll design is a particularly delicate process that must be carried out to perfection. The final version - also known as flower pattern because of its similarity to a flower - is therefore used for individual rollers in all roll forming phases, including motor driven and peripheral rolls. In addition to the wide variety of section customization, the process can also be integrated with other technologies, such as punching and laser cutting. Producing such complex machinery requires a very high technical level of expertise, and this is where Dallan specialists come in, drawing on their experience and skills.

As previously highlighted, roll forming offers significant advantages, such as high productivity and flexibility, making it the best choice for high volume profiles production in a variety of applications: metal counter ceilings, rolling shutters, pipes and tubes, shelving, metal furniture, guard rails, and more!

To find out more about the features and benefits of the roll forming machines by Dallan, please read the full article on the company website.