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Defremm toward 4.0, an important innovation by VICIVISION

Published: - 18/11/2020 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
Defremm toward 4.0, an important innovation by VICIVISION

Defremm, an Italian firm specializing in wire cold forming, has recently established a new collaboration with VICIVISION to enhance the SPC control process during production operations. The company immediately set to work to satisfy Defremm's requests in record time.

This partnership has led to the implementation of the VICIVISION 304, an innovative tool for the control of finished parts. This piece of equipment allows the measurement of all relevant tolerances in the blink of an eye. The operators were amazed by this absolutely revolutionary and newly-designed machine—after initial hesitation, they started to use it as much as possible for almost all products. Making all the necessary measurements has never been so easy: the operator can simply go to the VICIVISION 304, select the source machine, position the part, and press the start button. This extreme ease of use leads to enormous reductions in control, set-up, and machine start-up times.

Watch the video below for all the details of the new collaboration between Defremm and Vicivision.