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DimaSimma automatic guided vehicles: yet another success

Published: - 14/05/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
DimaSimma automatic guided vehicles: yet another success

Metallurgica San Marco has recently contacted DimmaSimma, leader in the production of automatic stores & automatic guided vehicles, to implement the 4.0 prerogatives in their production department.

The company, specializing in the manufacture of drawn and extruded brass products, has just installed a new sophisticated plant for the storage, movement and pickling of wire coils through AGVs. The fully automated system is able to handle all movement and storing operations in the warehouse, from the press unloading in the extrusion department, until the delivery of the wire coils in the finishing unit.

The system is totally integrated with the company management software which supervises and plans orders according to delivery priorities. DimaSimma AGVs, heart of the storage plant, move automatically along specific paths, while observing priorities.

Each AGV is in fact monitored by a supervision and control system and interfaced through HMI (Human Machine Interface), which allow a constant communication with the control center. High-end sensors and components ensure that every work is performed in compliance with the stricter safety regulations. Completely integrated with the system, the pickling plant is also automated.

The AGV plants increase the quality of both semi-finished and finished products, making every production phase replicable and safe. In addition every products can be more easily and reliably tracked.

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