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Easydur to overcome yet another challenge: Special Tensile Test Machine delivered

Published: - 27/07/2022 Author: Martina, Ed. Staff
Easydur to overcome yet another challenge: Special Tensile Test Machine delivered

Verifying the reliability and the tensile strength of automotive components is a fundamental process. This is why Easydur has designed a customized Tensile Test Machine equipped with nine load cells (100 N each) plus one main 5 kN load cell for a prestigious automotive customer.

This type of testing machine was manufactured based on the customer need to detect the silicon gasket tightness under 9 point tension.

More specifically, the load cells are connected to nine special wires and fine special grips. The platform with screwed holes (1.200 x 30mm) facilitate the operator to fix the piece under the testing zone. Thanks to the latest version of the “Easy-TensileSoftware by Easydur based on Windows 10, the machine can detect all the required measurements with maximum precision and repeatability and create 9 simultaneous graphs in real time.

If you also have challenging testing requirements, make sure you contact Easydur via the references on the side. The company team will assess your request and develop a customized solution based on your needs.

Watch the Special Tensile Test Machine in action on LinkedIn

Established in 1985 by Mr. Renato Affri, Easydur has an active role in the manufacture of spring control machines. Determination and flexibility are the milestones that have always allowed the company to overcome a huge variety of challenges in the field of quality and control.