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Speed up your hardness test sessions with Serial Integral

Published: - 17/12/2018 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Speed up your hardness test sessions with Serial Integral

Easydur specializes in development and production of measuring and control instruments for compression, tensile, torsion and hardness tests, as well as vision systems for image analysis.

The company recently presented a new special automatic hardness tester: Serial Integral is an innovative automatic machine designed to speed up complete hardness test sessions on metallic flat pieces. The machine automatically measures the testing parts and calculates where to make the indent. It can either be programmed with different logics or operated manually if need be.

In practical terms, a camera with laser lightning performs all the required measurements on the plate and after that the machine directly proceeds with the testing process. Measures are automatically recorded while statistics and graph are easily exportable.

The model in the video includes the following scales: HR 30, T HR 45, T HRB.