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The best solution for heavy load handling indoors

Published: - 24/05/2018 Author: Katia Martinini
The best solution for heavy load handling indoors

Many manufacturers use for their heavy handling operations – e.g. cable reels handling - standard forklift trucks that are often equipped with a counterbalance, all terrain wheels, multiple drive options, etc.
Because of the way they are designed these trucks become heavier and bigger as their specified load increases.

In some areas, particularly indoors, due to space constraints, safety issues, and noise and emission regulations, a low lifting compact transporter without a counterbalance could work better in many applications.

ELOF AB has been helping global companies to handle their heavy goods for over 20 years. The company, based in Sweden, designs and commercializes electrical indoor transporters for heavy loads.
Elof’s tranporters are used to move freight at airports and heavy pallets in warehouses and in the manufacture of cable, glass, steel coils and medical products.

The main advantages of using ELOF's lightweight electrical transporters are:

- Avoid damaging your factory floor
Especially older factory floors, when moving loads into the range between 30 and 50 Ton, could be permanently damaged, causing costly reparations.

- Lift several times the weight of the transporter
Loads up to 50T can be handled without any issue.

- Full access to the production line
Indoor transport could be a challenge for traditional counterbalance variety trucks. Low lifting transporters require no counterbalance. Being lightweight and compact, they can easily and safely access most areas on the production floor.

- Safer employees and production
Thanks to the lightweight design low lifting transporters can be equipped with an electrical engine and be therefore emission free. In addition, electrical drives offer higher energy efficiency, lower noise, less vibrations, and can be top-up charged during the day.

The solution by ELOF

The result of years of testing and continuous improvement makes the Elof Heavy Load Handler the best compact, reliable and emission free solution available.

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