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EVB’s disposable wire carriers: logistics made easy

Published: - 01/12/2019 Author: Simonati, Programming office
EVB’s disposable wire carriers: logistics made easy

Logistics is a crucial step in the supply chain of every market, and wire drawing companies are no less. Once processed, the drawn wire needs to be shipped and it is thus packed using wire carriers, drums, reels, or coils.

Wire carriers are a popular choice among steel industry professionals: thanks to their special tube or profile frame, they can sustain heavy loads. However, once they reach the final customer, the drawing company will have to handle their retrieval which could result in possible drawbacks in case of long distances.

EVB manufactures disposable drawn wire carriers to address this problem. These single-use devices do not need to be shipped back - for this reason they are called disposable. Streamlined shipping operations and huge money savings are major reasons why companies should opt for this piece of equipment.

The Italian company is a true expert in steelworks: combining cutting-edge production technologies, highly skilled staff, and 50 years of expertise EVB can meet every customer’s needs. The company also manufactures wire carriers for annealing and strapping, meeting every possible wire transportation requirement.

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